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MV Transportation Committee Votes Motion to Restore Venice Blvd Lanes; Three Motions for Tues MVCC Meet


By Kenneth Marek

An overflow crowd of approximately 60 people attended Mar Vista Community Council’s Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Meeting in a conference room at Windward School on Wednesday evening. Three separate policy motions, each asking Councilmember Mike Bonin to restore lanes on Venice Boulevard, were circulated at the Committee meeting and will be considered by the MVCC Board of Directors on Tuesday, September 12.

The “Regional Safe Bike Routes” motion asks Councilmember Bonin to restore the lanes and to “expeditiously study, design and pave a regional network of safe bicycle paths and routes.” This motion documents that since implementation of the lane reduction, “at least 17 accidents have been reported …including 9 involving cyclist. Total accidents increased by 325%, from 4 reported during the same period in 2016.”  During the public comment portion of the meeting, one bike advocate said that she intended to speak in favor of keeping the lane reductions, but was supportive of this alternative upon reading the long list of proposed safe bike routes.

The Bike Routes motion was the final agenda item considered by the Committee, and further discussion and editing couldn’t be completed by the firm 9 pm meeting end time, so stakeholders voted (20 in favor, 6 oppose) to table the motion with an understanding that Committee Co-Chair Ken Alpern would present an edited version at the September 12 Board of Directors meeting.

Earlier in the evening, stakeholders passed the “Reversal of Lane Reductions” motion (28 in favor, 17 oppose, 4 abstain), which concisely asks Councilmember Bonin to “immediately reverse the lane reductions on Venice Blvd. and to implement other strategies to improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of our roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.” This motion is also on the September 12 Board agenda.

Copies of a third motion were distributed at the Committee meeting by MVCC Board Member Elliot Hanna, who submitted his motion directly to the September 12 Board agenda, asking: 1) “to immediately reverse the lane reduction”, 2) “study alternate implementations”, and 3) urge Councilmember Bonin “to appoint a community panel”.

The MVCC Board will meet on Tuesday, September 12 at 7 pm in the Mar Vista Recreation Center Auditorium at 11430 Woodbine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066. The meeting agenda could be found at: www.marvista.org.

Those who live or work in the area are welcome to speak at the meeting and/or to submit comments via e-mail to: board@marvista.org.

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