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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Dumping on 3rd, in Venice is Reaching Critical Status

This is on Rose at 3rd. People meaning well drop boxes of various perishables for the homeless. These are two men with a truck load. Why don’t they take it to St. Joseph’s where they feed the homeless?

This is on 3rd and what it looks like after awhile.

This is the Oxford Triangle which infrequently gets piles of stuff. Triangle had about four spots of dumping all in one particular area recently. One apartment lessee left his “stuff” and it took three days for apartment management to clean it up; meanwhile there were a few other sympathetic dumpings and people started to spread the stuff.

This is the Windward Circle in front of the old post office.

It is illegal to dump. There are fines.

Many “No Dumping” signs are needed for areas such as 3rd Ave and Ocean Front Walk.  Signs will state the Penal Code, the fine. Well intended people, as well as just plane dumpers, are dropping off  “things” and perishables.

The perishables are threatening the health and safety of the homeless and the residents who surround the homeless.  Rats are invading the neighborhoods surrounding 3rd where the dumping of perishables and other material is occurring, according to Rick Swinger who is heading a group to clean up 3rd.

Rats carry many diseases. LA Times has written about MRS, hepatitis, and syphillis outbreaks among the homeless. Neighborhoods full of people surround the homeless encampments.

dump5The City provided close to a dozen trash cans just recently at the request of neighbors. Swinger called these trash cans “rat feeders.” So, the  City lined the new trash cans to see if that would help.

Most neighborhoods have people who clean up graffiti and they are usually the ones who clean up such pockets of dumpings. But 3rd is beyond occasional dumpings. Swinger has a GoFundMe to support his efforts.

Homeless residents on 3rd complain about the dumping. Mr. M, who is homeless, said “people dump all the time and blame us.” Beside him was a roll of unused carpet padding that had been dumped off.

Perhaps, Venice needs a task force to clean up and stop this illegal dumping such as was done in 2014 in other areas of Los Angeles. http://www.dailynews.com/government-and-politics/20141106/los-angeles-to-crack-down-on-illegal-dumping-on-streets-alleys

What the Books Say — Illegal, Fine

Chapter 13 County code for illegal dumping states:

Illegal dumping is the willful throwing, dropping, placing or depositing of a bulky item, hazardous waste or solid waste on public or private property not designated for that dumping or disposal purpose.

City Attorney Mike Feurer says on his website:

Whether it’s toxic waste dumped into a waterway or old furniture cast aside in an alley, illegal dumping blights our neighborhoods and threatens our families’ health and safety.

The County statement regarding dumping states “Illegal dumping activities pose a danger to public health and safety, decrease property values, lower the quality of life, and contribute to urban blight.”
=California Penal Code 374.3  said the fine was $1000 plus and there was a reward of $1000 for one who reported such.  One asks what is a commercial quantity.

A person who places, deposits, or dumps, or causes to be placed, deposited, or dumped, waste matter in violation of this section in commercial quantities shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than six months and by a fine.  The fine is mandatory and shall amount to not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000) nor more than three thousand dollars ($3,000) upon a first conviction, not less than three thousand dollars ($3,000) nor more than six thousand dollars ($6,000) upon a second conviction, and not less than six thousand dollars ($6,000) nor more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) upon a third or subsequent conviction.

Also, pursuant to Section 117555 of the California health and Safety Code, a person who dumps illegally is punishable by up to six months on jail.

Update knows there is no enforcement of these laws unless there should be a blatant hazardous waste deposited in the middle of Venice.

Sanitation  Removes Bulky Items but is Not Cleaning the Street
Sanitation truck escorted by the police comes every Thursday on 3rd to remove bulky items (LAMC 56.11) that have been collected by residents of 3rd or dumped on 3rd.

In addition the sanitation department is suppose to come once a week to clean up the trash and sanitize certain areas on 3rd. Sometimes they do not come.  City gives valid reason, such as unions, money. But reasons are subjecting  a neighborhood to unhealthy conditions that are out of their control.

Swinger’s web site states:

This year, Bonin voted against additional funds for Operation Health Streets, Clean Streets LA and LAPD Hope to clean up encampments in Venice and Skid Row– which the City Council later approved without him on a 10-0 vote – because it would take money away from services he wants to deliver to homeless encampments.

Due to a chronic lack of clean up and law enforcement in Venice, renters and homeowners who live near the world famous Rose Encampment – who are already dealing with new property taxes under Prop HHH and new sales taxes under Measure H to provide housing and services to the homeless – have been forced to raise money themselves and hire private vendors to clean up the filthy streets and alleys surrounding their homes.

In response to Swinger’s  statement,  spokesperson for Councilman Mike Bonin Jamarah Hayner stated:

For each of the past 3 years, Councilmember Bonin has secured $500,000 annually for Operation Healthy Streets clean-ups in Venice. As a result, Bureau of Sanitation is able to do weekly clean-ups in Venice — one of only two neighborhoods in the entire City of Los Angeles with that level of service. Prior to his taking office, Venice did not have any regularly scheduled clean-ups.

Councilmember Bonin voted against a proposal to augment Operation Healthy Streets by cutting more than $2 million from the City’s budget for homeless shelters, homeless services, and storage. We will never end homelessness and encampments on our sidewalks if we cut programs to reduce homelessness–programs that voters in Venice and Los Angeles have voted overwhelmingly to fund.

Regardless,  something needs to be done to stop the dumping in Venice. It is a contributor to an even larger problem that too must be solved.

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  1. Message to the Homeless/Drifters here on 3rd and Venice Beach! Please Don’t eat this stuff lying on the sidewalks! You don’t know where its coming from or where its been or who has touch it!! We don’t want what is happening in San Diego and Santa Cruz do we?!

  2. I have just talked to Lou Maya at the Los Angeles County Health Dept and he told us at ASA that this dumping of perishables must stop now it poses a serious Health Risk to the Whole Venice Community especially now after the Hepatitis A outbreak in nearby San Diego! This illegal dumping I have been told is coming from boxes mark Rockenwagner and I was told their manager is tracking down who is dumping their product on 3rd. today.

  3. Again I want to make this clear. There is no plague/Hepatitis A reported on 3rd yet but the conditions on 3rd with the open food boxes with rotting perishables, nearby above ground human feces, documented Roof and Norway Rat infestations and reduced sanitations (Thanks to Mr. Bonin) services combined with a growing homeless population should concern us all! When the Los Angeles County Health Dept Environmental Divison comes down to 3rd on a moments notice to inspect the report of human feces next to Google that shows you they have a great concern about this Hepatitis A spreading from San Diego to L.A. 3rd is the worst place for a camp and should be shut down for the Health and Safety of the homeless and all who travel,work and reside here!

    • Jack Kelly

      You know Rick it’s kind of hypocritical of people like you to call for “shutting down” the 3rd Street encampment out of one side of your mouth and opposing everything from storage for them at the Senior Citizens Center to building housing for them at the Dell parking lot out of the other side of your mouth. Where would you like all of these people to go ? Or do you like seeing money that could be going to help the homeless going to Carol Sobel instead to finance the next lawsuit that she will be sure to file against the city if they start violating the constitutional rights of these people again ?

  4. Nick Antonicello

    Literally millions are being expended on cleanups that needed to be cleaned again within days because neither Bonin or Keuhl have the ability to solve this problem.

    In fact it’s safe to say they have no intention of doing anything and they get away with it.

    Elections have consequences.

  5. Mr. Bonin’s so called Friday cleanups that only happen once a month now (if that) have miserably failed the homeless, residents,businesses and tourists here around Rose and 3rd! Thats a fact!

  6. This shows you how our Councilman Mike Bonin is so “Clueless”! They lined the Rat Feeder Trash Cans with garbage bags to prevent the Rats from scavenging? These Rats can easily climb up stucco walls! These trash cans now with the liners are just easy access to all of the mammals in this city!

  7. Marie Hammond

    Re: Photo of post food donations on 3rd Ave .
    This is a disaster waiting to happen. I think the last place I might think of eating would be Gjusta which is right at Sunset and 3rd. Google also has food concessions. 3rd Ave is a breeding ground for cockroaches and rats. These rodents probably even make their way over to the Rose Cafe and other eateries on Rose. And I feel for the nearby residents. Huge public health issue!!!! Where is the Public Health Department?????

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