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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Silver Strand to Get Pocket Park


City will be constructing a pocket park off Via Dolce with a playground and a home to native plants found around the Grand Canal.

The City bought the 6000-square-foot lot at 3507 Via Dolce off the Grand Canal and planned to make it a park for the rehabitation of native plants found along the Grand Canal to the west. Neighbors asked the City Councilman for a more “active park” and requested a play structure.



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  1. Nick Z

    This is great, but the whole process speaks to the absolute insanity of the planning process at the City and Coastal Commission. Take a look at google street view of this and it’s a small ugly vacant lot. That it took years to plan and get approved and then the Coastal Commission had to weigh in is a testament to how out of control the public “input” process has become. Add to that the high probability it will just become another homeless encampment and one wonders whether stuff like this is worth the bother.

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