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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Judge Says No to Stopping Small Lot Subdivisions and Mansionization; Appeal Forthcoming

By Laddie Williams, President of Venice Coalition to Preserve our Unique Community Character (VCPUCC)

I am writing to provide an update on our case against the City of Los Angeles, Venice Coalition to Preserve Unique Community Character, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, et al. I wish I was writing with better news, but, unfortunately, Judge Palazuelos issued a ruling in favor of the City on the Motion for Summary Judgment brought by the City of Los Angeles. However, the Judge’s decision doesn’t correctly state key facts in the case, and, as far as we and our counsel, Sabrina Venskus Assocs,. and co-counsel at Wittwer Parkin are concerned, is an incorrect interpretation of the law.

Because of this decision, as it stands at the moment, the trial is currently not going forward. At this time, however, either party may appeal the Judge’s decision. If either party appeals, the appellate court will review the decision, and determine whether to uphold or change Judge Palazuelos’ decision. If the appellate court chooses to reverse her decision, the case will be sent back to Judge Palazuelos, and will continue to trial.

We are very disappointed in this ruling, but continue to be committed to stopping the City’s unacceptable practices and the rapid development in Venice.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Laddie cwilli7269@aol.com, and I will get your questions answered ASAP.

VC-PUCC is not defeated, just postponed until we can get this appealed and back in the LA Courts!

The wheels of Justice turn slowly and VC-PUCC will move forward, never to give up!


Thank You All For Your Continued support.

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  1. Anonymous

    Come on. Face facts, ITS OVER. No judge or politician in Los Angeles is EVER going to legislate against a property owner’s right to build a big house. It’s quite literally the business model of Los Angeles in that the property tax base pays for EVERYTHING. Think about it, overtime a new home is built, the property tax collected by LA City shoots up and it funds everything (police, cleanup, salaries, city services, trash collection.)

    It’s just NOT our system to RESTRICT property owner’s rights to build their dream house because lower income residents don’t want things to change. This is America, sorry. I don’t see any of you apologists on the left forking over YOUR increased property values over to homeless causes. NO, you benefit just like the rest of us. Let’s get off this tack, it’s never going to work (with the exception of legitimate historical preservation areas, like in old Pasadena). Face it, most of Venice homes are just old CRAPPY bungalows built as summer crash pads 50 to 100 years ago and built on the cheap.

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