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LA Plans to Charge you Big Bucks to Appeal a Project


NOTE: The source of this is from Coalition to Preserve LA and pertains to council file 09-0969 provided by Marie Hammond.

Councilmember Mitch Englander essentially said in a council meeting on August 8 that the land use appeal fees should be raised to silence the City’s critics. Translation: Homeowners, tenants, homeowner groups, activist and citizens wanting to appeal any land use will pay big time –in fact, be punished!

This proposal is being carried out by Richard Llewellyn, Eric Garcetti’s Mayoral Office attorney, who is currently serving as “Interim CAO” – tracing this fee increase proposal right back to the Mayor himself.

Thanks to Dan Wright, of the famed Robert Silverstein environmental law firm, we have been dutifully informed of the City’s scheming. He reminds us that this harkens right back to 2009, when the City of Los Angeles tried to do the same thing but failed because of swift and fierce citizen action!

Call the following and tell them you are not for this.
MAYOR GARCETTI: 213-978-0600
Councilman Mike Bonin 213-473-7011 or mike.bonin@lacity.org

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  1. Nick Z

    Appeal fees should be raised. Right now, appeals are so cheap, and there are no consequences for filing frivolous appeals, that people use them just out of spite to hold up projects. The numbers in the graphic seem a bit high, but charging $1,000 to appeal is not unreasonable. If a project is so horrible to hold it up for months and months, it should be worth paying, and if you can get 100 people to fund your appeal, it would only be $10/each.

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