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Venice Update

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Hepatitis A Warning for LA County Homeless and Drug Users to be Vaccinated

There is a Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego and Santa Cruz counties. The County of LA Public Health department has issued a warning to workers that homeless people and those who use illicit drugs should be vaccinated for Hepatitis A.


FINAL VERSION DPH - Letter to Providers who care for the Homeless 2017-0    2_000002

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    The Offices of Sheila Kuehl and Mike Bonin remain silent, ineffective and quite frankly unable or unwilling to deal with the Third Street debacle that is worse then ever before.

    Will it take a death or outbreak for something to occur to finally clean this health hazard once and for all?

    Neither of these people can be trusted to act or protect the general public.

    What a shame.

    • Anonymous

      In the past two weeks alone there have been 3 violent episodes involving mentally unstable/drug-addled transients: a transient stabbed a security guard on Main St near the former MTA lot, another transient barged into Beyond Baroque and stabbed 4 people, and just this past Friday a transient shot and killed another transient on Main St at the SM border. Not one single word from our councilman or his office. Not one single acknowledgement to the residents of Venice that our safety is paramount. 3 violent incidents in 15 days. This has to stop. Things are ramping up in an obvious, dangerous, and rapid way.

  2. Anonymous

    Plain and simple – BAN THE BUMS! Their freedom is much more important that your health and safety. What is this world coming to?

  3. We need to clean up the streets around 3rd and stop the illegal dumping of perishables there. Feeding of the homeless should be done by professionals at the beach where restrooms are available for them to wash their hands.Its a good idea that we all get vaccinated for Hepatitis A it just takes stepping on a needle to get it. Also Hepatitis in found at the pool at the end of our beaches storm drains where the homeless are often seen using them as their toilet.Kids are known to play in them and it just takes a small cut to be infected. Kids immune systems are just developing so this is a major threat to their health and wellness.

  4. Billy Zanatakos

    We need to provide clean bathrooms and running water. Before Venice has an outbreak.

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