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Trash at 3rd and Rose


Third and Rose appalling trash. Man in black truck came and picked it all up and even swept the corner. What a difference. Young man near light post told me how great the food was that people dropped off. He said it was gourmet from Gelson’s he thought. He claimed all was great on 3rd and Rose. He was happy that he could walk to St. Joseph Center and eat, get a haircut, and shower. He loved it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Rick Swinger for doing something about a situation that, for some reason, is beyond the abilities of both the City of LA, Mr. Bonin, or the multi-million dollar social services around here – Brilliant idea using a GoFundMe to clean up what should not be there in the first place. I do not understand why millions are being spent on construction, when thousands would improve the situation immediately on the street. Go figure.

  2. The man with the black truck that came by 3rd and clean it up was Morales Moving and was paid for my Go fund me site with our local community donations. These dumpsites of perishables are against the law and are contributing to the current rat infestations that the neighborhood here is spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to eradicate. Please donate food to St. Joseph Center on Hampton Dr and Marine and do not dump on 3rd. There is no restrooms for the homeless to wash their hands before and after eating on 3rd. It much better to let the professionals feed the homeless. There are plenty of places near by where they can get help.

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