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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 31 July 2017

Arnold Springer
Thanks again Reta for the recent Venice Update. Don’t know what I would do for critical info necessary for all Venetians if you didn’t produce ‘this rag.’

Pools:  Right across from me, on Crescent Place, a very wealthy fellow has built a 35 foot high house, total lot coverage— which has, on the top floor, a lap pool – just to prove that one doesn’t have to have two lots to get a lap pool and a 3,000 sq. ft. plus building on a single lot.  It hasenough structural steel to float a destroyer.

Venice Blvd Lane Reduction:  Ridiculous thing that the Councilman did.  Of course if there is a tsunami none of us will be able to get out of here because all highways, going east, north and south will be clogged. Down to a Watery Grave. Thanks Councilman.  Good thinking.  And now for higher office.

Thanks Yolanda and Jim Murez.

Homeless in Venice:  What have we done to deserve such disrespect and punishment.  We all know what’s going to happen. It is your worst fears and nightmares. This is very bad for us all.  Thanks Darryl DuFay and the countless others who have protested and cried out.

Did the 34% recent increased LAHSA count reflect the level of education of a Homeless person?

With LA County having in excess of 500,000 Kids in school dubbed Habitually Truant last year, ignored until after they first commit a crime, one asks why ignored?

Carolyn Rios
There are pools.
Last time I took the garden tour which was mostly east LA, there were numerous Griffith garden and pools. And yes, next door at this very moment. 7th and california, they are puttng in a lap pool. No trees, no yard. Two monstrous houses and one lap pool. And yes, the ocean is a mere 6 blocks away. Swimming in the ocean is a divine meditation. Go build your pool somewhere else, and please plant trees, not pools.

Steve Freedman
Rather than print a vague warning like the one from Bonnie Barrett, it would be helpful to first ask the letter writer for a description of the person she/he is warning us about. Thanks for your consideration.

Rick Feibush

As we have seen over the years, when the social engineers get to countering the “old thinkers” in Venice, they always get down to calling the opposition “Hitler,”  even though they are the people who are dictating questionably vetted changes…
Street Shrinkage – When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Hitler is an anti-Nazi propaganda poster created and widely distributed by the United States government during World War II to encourage carpooling among American citizens to conserve gasoline for the war.

Illustrated by American painter Weimer Pursell, the original poster was commissioned and distributed by the U.S. Government Printing Office for the Office of Price Administration in 1943 as part of domestic efforts to encourage rationing and conservation of resources.

Yolanda Gonzalez – 
Another City scam.

Ken Englert
Thank you for this good news!  Now if we can just force Bonin to end this homeless nonsense that endangers us all we wouldn’t have to recall him.

Jim Murez
Yea, who in Venice is going to file the law suit… that is the only way the City will listen!

Darryl Burnett
What a lawsuit and recall petition can do!I  It says, as Supervisor of the County lot at Dockweiler Beach, she’s directed them to provide free parking or affordable parking so they can eliminate the parking on the street and restore the lanes – my question is – who gets the free or affordable parking?

Heather Beamer-Kahler
Will he pay as much attention to the Marina, Venice and west LA residents about Venice blvd??? We will see which voices count and which do not.

Marie Hammond
So wonder what will happen from Waterford going north to Culver and from Culver south to Waterview/Napoleon?  Does it again narrow to one lane so the back up just begins at a different place???  Or are 4 lanes to be open the entire length of Vista del Mar?

Venice Vision

Joint developers Hollywood and Venice Community  Housing Corporations presented their design for homeless and affordable housing between North & South Venice Blvd, where the public parking lot is currently located.
·       Project will span nearly three acres
·       Largest Venice development in the last 100 years
·       140 units housing up to 500 tenants

1/2 of units for “Permanent Supportive Housing” such as:
·       Chronically homeless w/ disabilities, drug abuse, serious mental illness, and/or physical disability.  Sober living not a requirement.

1/2 Will be “affordable housing” for:
·       Lower wage earners & low-income artists.

Cost per unit estimate:  $340,000, adding land value = $700,000.  The Plan also includes 10,500 sq ft. of commercial retail space and 37,400 sq. ft. for 420 parking spaces, including the original 188 spaces for public parking.  The parking is in the center of each of the two main buildings.

The current Open Space (OS) zoning will be replaced by R-3 with a varied roofline of thirty-five feet. RAS3 zoning, with a height of forty-five feet, is proposed to accommodate commercial retail.  There has been no Environmental Impact Report (EIR) or traffic studies to date.  The buildings have no setbacks and are built right up to the sidewalk.  The developers plan to submit their application to the City of Los Angeles in September.

This is NOT a done deal — your feedback matters!

Preserve LA
The Valley is the next location for our hugely popular free workshops on how to fight bad development in your neighborhood!

WHEN: Sunday, July 30, 2017
TIME:   1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
WHERE:  Balboa Sport Center, 17015 Burbank Blvd., Encino, CA 91316
Directions via Google Maps Facility phone (818) 756-9642

Kindly RSVP at:

Reta Moser
Road Diets … Sunday’s LA Times editorial.  Apparently, Councilmen Gil Cedillo and Paul Krekorian have halted or tabled the road diets in their areas.  They have said no to the Mayor.  What Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilman Mike Bonin do not seem to understand is that there is no alternative transportation in Los Angeles.  Road diets are killing businesses in the wake. Cars are going other places that are less safe for pedestrians and bikers and are disrupting residents.  An education program for bikers and pedestrians would be much more beneficial than a “road diet” if one is considering fatalities.

Editorial refers to people who protest the “safety projects” (road diets) as “selfish.”  This writer refers to them as the backbone of the working class.  Editorial feels that city hall should fight back.  The working class, the people who pay the taxes and city halls’ salaries, and all the social programs they support, are fighting back.  It used to be that people talked to one another … elected talked to constituents. Perhaps, “recall” is the only option.

Steve Lopez has a column concentrating on a Pacific Palisades homeless person whose family was found and she went home.  Pacific Palisades formed a Homeless Task Force to help their homeless individuals.  They have gone down from 198 to 101 homeless this year.  This is great!

Venice on the other hand has gone from 889 to 1191, an increase of over 300.  Just the Homeless Task Force in Venice headed by the Wellers has found homes for close to 300 in a year.  They are hampered only by lack of money.  The St. Joseph center has found homes for 50 to 100.  Various groups have  raised money to send errant youth home to welcoming families and that has contributed to another 200 to 300 leaving Venice.

Why is this inequality happening?  Is it because Venice does so well with the homeless, that it is being punished by supplying it more?  What has Venice done to deserve this???  As one person on the Pacific Palisades Task Force said to this writer:  “Well, Venice has always been rather seedy or questionable.” Can’t remember the term.  Venice doesn’t want to be seedy, nor does it deserve it with these figures., The City is the one not helping.  It dumps all its services in Venice.  Venice wants, seeks, desires to have only a small representative of the homeless to help, such as Pacific Palisades, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, etc. It absolutely does not want to be Skid Row West.

Goodness knows Venice has more than done its part to help.  Why?

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