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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VCH Gives Update on Venice Median Project

Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing (VCH), provides updates to the Venice Median project, which VCH refers to as Venice-Dell-Pacific project.

Venice-Dell-Pacific Update
Venice Community Housing, Hollywood Community Housing and Eric Owen Moss Architects are working to incorporate community feedback into the preliminary design proposals, move closer to final designs, and prepare other documents for the City’s approval process. Therefore, there are no large community engagement events scheduled for August and September.  However, we are attending smaller events upon invitation – please reach out any time to venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org to invite representatives of our team to discuss the project, timeline, or other related issues.
If you are new to this list, please visit VCH’s website for background information on this site and proposed project, as well as previous Q&A.

Recently Submitted Q&A
Is a boat rental/tourist-focused service being planned for the canal portion of the site?
No.  There is an existing public access point in the canal between North and South Venice, which is also the access point for the City’s maintenance team for the canals.   We plan to preserve this existing access point.   We aren’t adding any additional access or commercial enterprise to the canal.

What is the timeline and next steps for this proposed project?
The approximate timeline for approvals/final design and program elements is:

July-August 2017                     Finish designs and other architectural work

September 2017                     Submit application to develop the site to the City of Los Angeles                                   Note: This application includes requested zone changes, design plans and other details, is a public document, and will be made available to the public by the development team

September 2017 thru
September 2018                     Public hearings and public approvals, including:
Venice Neighborhood Council
Coastal Commission
City of Los Angeles (likely multiple City hearings/approvals)

September 2017 thru
September 2018                     Complete Environmental Impact Report and related public hearings/approval

December 2017                      Target date to enter into a development agreement with the City.                                   Note: Under the current Exclusive Negotiating Agreement, this can take place anytime up to December 2018

Fall 2017 thru
May 2019                                Complete public funding process, including applications for:
Prop HHH funds (City of LA)
LA County affordable housing funds
No Place Like Home funds (State of CA)
Tax credits and tax-exempt bonds (federal source, administered by CA)
Note:  Some, but not all, funding approvals include public hearings.

In addition to the formal, public approval process described above, the development team is committed to ongoing dialogue with the community. Both processes will inform the details of the final, approved development. Please feel free to invite us to any formal or informal neighborhood meeting to discuss the project and progress to date.

Please send meeting invitations, questions or comments to: venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org

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