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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Blvd Business is Down and Out


Business income is down and one shop is out of business on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista where the “Great Streets” project was implemented last month.

Sweet Lucie’s just closed.

Demetrius, owner of the Mar Vista, Venice Grind, and MV Grab and Go on Venice Blvd, said his business was down 25 percent. Owner of Robinson Beautilities said his “store has been there for 75 years” and his business was down 40 percent. He has had to let people go. Tattoo parlor said they had been there for 25 years and business was down 30 percent.

Venice Blvd from Beethoven to Inglewood has been billed as the “Great Streets” that will give the effect of a “small town in a big city.” Great Streets is supposed to create the place, the atmosphere that will encourage people to stop and shop.

But it is, along with the road diet occurring in Playa del Rey, part of the bigger picture of Vision Zero and Mobility 2035 that envisions all on bikes or in mass transit by shrinking major corridors in Los Angeles.

Westsider Alix Gucovsky has started the recall of Councilman Mike Bonin movement. See http://www.recallbonin.com/.

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  1. Anonymous

    Bonin is such a self-righteous and imperious jerk. He’s sneaky and does whatever he wants until the blowback is just too great, like on the Vista Del Mar fiasco. We need to recall him. All he cares about is running for Mayor when Garretti leaves and runs for governor.

    • Jack Herman

      Your statement makes absolutely no sense. If all he’s interested in doing is running for Mayor why would he be doing things that make so many of his constituents angry ?

      • Anonymous

        Both Bonin and Garcetti see themselves as “futurists” and want to be the first to show the way, and in a way, they are right about the coming changes, but way off with their timing. People who live in cities are ready to get out of their cars, BUT, they are not ready to be inconvenienced to this extent. Steps have been taken; a train goes out to Santa Monica, with a bus link to the Venice Blue Bus shuttle. Uber and Lyft are operating well. Population (hence traffic) is increasing daily. But what is happening is WAY too soon. They knocked down the changing of Pico and Olympic into one way each way that would have eased traffic and made driving safer (no left turns across traffic). We need creative solutions like dedicated bus lanes and a vastly improved bus system. We have needed a well planned Venice shuttle that moves people around town and to the transportation hubs. We also need a reasonably-sized parking structure for visitors to leave their cars and take the well=planned shuttle. Instead the same “forward thinkers” that have been cramming this “Vision Zero” BS up our butts, are building a “homeless/ starving artist & commercial” complex in one of the few places where a multi-story car lot and shuttle link could be built on already-owned City land. Yes Mike, this is the future, but it must me thought out much better and done in stages.

      • Anonymous

        Sigh. The obvious answer, JACK, is that Garretti’s entire campaign is based on development and cleanup of LA and in particular the Arts District downtown. Eli Broad is funding his eventual run for governor and Garcetti’s whole campaign is to move skid row to Venice (cleaning up downtown for development) and champion his homeless programs (which perfectly feed the social services industrial complex that supports him and makes good political fodder).

        Basically, Bonin has hitched his wagon on this campaign (which will FAIL once voter see that Garretti pushed H and HHH to spend BILLIONS on redistributing our tax dollars to folks that don’t (won’t) work and want FREE beach front property and services in Venice. The deal is Garcetti runs for governor and he supports Bonin for Mayor. But just watch, once voters see that after 2 billions in corrupt handouts to developers of “sustainable homeless apartments” and NOTHING changes. In fact, you’ll see that homeless encampments increase (since folks will stream in from the rest of the USA) as Garcetti/Bonin have made LA the #1 destination for dirtbags that don’t want to work, want free drugs and sunshine. Good luck guys on this one.

        • Jack Herman

          And again your answer makes absolutely no sense. Generally if somebody was to make a run for mayor they would not be doing things that anger the people who are going to be voting.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Bonin said he will fight the recall, but if the movement gets 27,000 valid petitions he might as well resign because he’ll never survive.
    Had he just taken the time to listen to people who disagree with him he would find himself in a much better place politically speaking.

  3. Anonymous

    Vision Zero should be renamed Zero Vision because that is how it seems, the way things have turned out. If not, and Bonin and the City officials actually knew that this boondoggle could seriously snarl the Westside commute and potentially affect business, we have arrogance unbound. Unfortunately, this is the call from the future from all over the country. We have friends in Palm Springs that are being informed of similar changes planned for there. In 115 degree weather? Who are they kidding? Here in LA, the streets and sidewalks need attention, and residents are told that the City does not have the money, yet tons are spent on this disruptive BS. Yes, the funding comes from different pockets, but… just sayin’

    • Zfirpo

      I’ve been in South American countries that have less garbage and erroneous furniture, human/canine feces, and dumpster divers. MarVista is trashed and no amount of new construction will change the condition of the sidewalks. There was a grocery cart with rims on Venice Blvd for a week in June. The kids get out of school and go directly to the alley to tag graffito and kick glass bottles around the area. I’ve changed two new tires one of which had a razor blade in it that have been punctured on my ride home. WTF is there a razor blade on my street? Oh thats right the overnight campers that sleep and piss on my sidewalk, no doubt. The idea that this road initiative is the first thing on the agenda is laughable with the conditions of the sidewalks in MarVista. Some of the side walk areas are paved with cig buds instead of grass. The bus stop on Venice and Moore is disgusting. My neighbor was hit by a car in a hit and run by the CVS on Venice post road diets because the bike lane is hidden by parked cars so bicyclists just appear out of nowhere. All of his front teeth with be replaced! Someone with the time (lawyer, retiree, what have you) needs to investigate the money flow to see what the financial advantage is to the Mayor and Bonehead Bonin to get to the bottom of why this if being pushed onto the citizens when its of no benefit to us. The fact that I left the South Bay to sign a two year lease to live in the most expensive slum in the world has me eating crow for dinner daily.

      • Jack Herman

        This is one of the most exaggerated statements I have ever read on this website. With the exception of your friend being hit by a car of which I have no first hand knowledge I can unequivocally state the rest is just a lot of hyperbole, lies and nonsense.

  4. Nick Z

    I’m not a huge fan of the reductions, but was business down during construction and hasn’t come back, or did it go away after completion? I never went to Mar Vista to spend money that often, but I can see how putting the parallel parking lane right against a now jammed Venice Bvld might discourage people from stopping more often. Seems stressful to try to park with pissed off people getting stuck behind you and you effectively reduce traffic to one lane while you try to park.

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