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Venice Update

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Pools In Venice?

By Charles Rosin 

Charles Rosin is a retired television writer and producer who lives in Venice.

Ok, I have been told people like to swim laps at Venice High, and I know there’s a blue house in the Canals with tricked out architecture that has a small lap pool.  The Californication house in the Silver Triangle has a pool.

A real estate agent once told me there’s one tucked away on Cabrillo. And I’m sure there are others, especially wherever a techie is building a new place on a double lot, but in my mind there are more swimming pools in, let’s say, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palm Springs, Hollywood, Holmby Hills, or Encino

So imagine my confusion when I read a profile of Funboy, which produces artistic, inflatable rafts/floats geared to a high end, celebrity clientele, in the Business Section of the Sunday LA Times, and read what reporter Ronald D. White wrote in his second paragraph. (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-funboy-floats-20170722-htmlstory.html )

As celebrities and regular folks fill the Web with selfies aboard fanciful inflatables, it makes sense that some entrepreneurs helping pump up the craze live in a spot known for sun, pools, fame, and narcissism: Venice Beach.

Venice Beach?  Ok, I’ve read a lot of crazy stuff out of the LA Times when it comes to Venice, but usually it has a political bent, misrepresenting the views of those of us locals who oppose our councilman’s scheme to turn Venice into the Westside’s dormitory for the homeless.  

Never have I read something that is so laughingly off target when it comes to summing up the vibes of Venice Beach – making me wonder if Ronald D. White has ever actually been to Venice.  That goes for whoever gets paid to edit and approve what Ronald writes.

Ronald, I don’t want to harp on this, but let’s break it down.  According to you, Venice is known for “sun, pools, fame, and narcissism.”

Let’s start with Sun – yes, we have sun, but we also have some fog, in the mornings, which sometimes doesn’t burn off.  We also get breezes in the afternoon, which makes our part of town 20-30 degrees cooler than places where people desperately need pools to cool off.  We need to cool off, we have the Pacific Ocean.

Pools  — I know we’ve been through this, Ron, but to have a pool it’s best to have land in which to build the pool – and, down here, in the wetlands, it’s not so easy to dig, even if the lot in question isn’t skinny and smallish like most every lot west of Lincoln between Rose and Washington. That’s why folks who are inclined to build, build modern places with cool decks with fire pits, not with swimming pools. And remember, we do have the Pacific Ocean. You have been here, right?

Fame -I believe Venice has had some really cool people with names you would know live here. But compared to Beverly Hills or Hollywood – places where they sell star maps, places where LeBron and Beyonce and other people whose faces sell magazines live, I have to ask:  “Seriously, Ron, you honestly think people who live here are motivated by fame?” 

Narcissism – all right, one out of four ain’t bad.

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