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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 24 July 2017

Darryl DuFay  
It sure is not a solution piece. More a list of complaints and observations about how she sees developers in Venice.  Or, maybe I just missed why it was written.
Marilyn Roland
Playa del Rey roadage is a rage for those who live and work in Playa del Rey and use the roads effected by “Safe Streets”.  This looks like an up-to-the-moment update.

Towing companies are reluctant to tow RV.

Air raid sirens?

Wolf Seeberg
Love the superwoman !!!! 

Heather Beemer-Kahler
Highway 187
No longer highway 187
Used to belong to the state. Now is supposed to belong to Los Angeles. But no. In truth it belongs to Mike Bonin. Not sure of the time line but I would have loved to see him implement this “great streets” (which is a complete blatant misnomer) selfish agenda of snarling traffic and keeping families apart due to increased traffic commuting time spent on the road – BEFORE THE ELECTION. Sneaky slimy agenda secretly in motion before his re election for his own legacy (I did NOT vote for him btw). The neighborhood he lives in in mar vista is completely sheltered from cut through traffic, transients, bikes and commuters. Tiny little tree lined shady street where two cars can’t pass one another. My dad used to live there – May, Mier and Moore. And he has a three mike commute to the council office from there and need NOT drive in Venice, Culver, etc. How nice for him to disregard nearly everyone’s life but his own. Setting the traffic aside, anyone making a right turn from Venice to a side street can’t even see a cyclist in their rear view mirror with the parked cars stacked up!even a left torn fromVenice to a side street is dangerous. The parked cars away from the curb create a completely blind (to motorists) bike lane. Putting all in cars and bikes at risk for a terrible tragedy. He won’t listen. He is as deaf to the people’s desires and needs as Donald Trump. It’s his way or the highway, well unless you are referring to highway 187. 
Peter Griswold
Triangle has nice homes + people, but alleys often have messy containers & litter.
Call 311 to report bulk refuse.    Sanitation will remove it on next collection day.
Call 310-383-4949 for graffiti in Triangle.    A local volunteer might be able to remove it.
Jody Elred
“The LADOT spokesperson explained in theory why this would be a calming and safety effect based on one of Newton laws of physics.”
Barbara Gibson
The wise bureaucrats think we can get around town, the store, groceries, our children’s schools, our work all on a bike.  Oh and pick up dinner ridding our bike.  Is this Mayberry and Andy Griffeth.  Who are the stupid ones???
That is truly one of the most hilarious things I have ever heard from a government employee in my entire 60 years! What more evidence do we need that the inmates are running the asylum?
And I’ll bet big money that the vast majority of the standing-room-only crowd at the MVCC meeting voted for those asylum inmates. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Amazing to me that people get upset when the people they voted for act in accordance with their stated beliefs and previous behaviors. Maybe the voters just weren’t paying attention…

Behaviors (votes) have consequences. Welcome to yours, Marina Del Rey/Venice/Mar Vista/Playa Del Rey. (And the rest of Los Angeles, for that matter.)

Beth Allen
Thank you for the LA Super Woman story, I know personally it is possible to get around LA on a bike. Now if all those complaining about the road diets would at least try to ride a bike instead of driving they might see that they would decrease gridlock and pollution and might get healthier in the process. 

Bonnie Barrett
Tonight, a black man came to my door claiming to be from a political campaign. I did not open my door, just the side window and told him to put his flier on the porch. He tried to engage me and I shut my window. Next he went next door, into their side yard and asked for a handout; they refused;  then he returned to my yard and took a dump in my front garden; very messy with intestinal problems. I washed it down and then threw up my dinner. 
If he comes to your house, call the cops.
What a world we live in.

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  1. Lee

    Beth Allen makes the mistaken and arrogant assumption many on the pro-bicycle side makes. Not everyone has the health and youth to ride bicycles all over the city. LA is too spread out to make bicycles a viable option for much of the population.

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