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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Homeless Count Up 34 Percent; CD11 Count Up 8.4 Percent

The 2017 homeless count for Venice is 1191, an increase of 34 percent from the 2016 figure of 889. Homeless count for CD11 (Council District No 11) is 2791, an increase of 8.4 percent from 2016 figure of 2529. Figures are according to Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) who did the homeless count

Breakdowns of the figures for the homeless in Venice, homeless by supervisory districts, council districts, SPA areas, and vehicle encampments will be provided later.

Darryl DuFay has come up with some interesting observations and some analytical interpretations.

By Darryl DuFay


1.  All of LA County – about 10 million          Homeless – 57,794

2.  All of LA City – about 4 million                  Homeless – 34.189

3.  Skid Row – about 10,000                            Homeless –   4,633

4.  Venice – about 42,000                                Homeless –   1,191

5.  Hollywood – about 88,000                        Homeless –   2,002

How fascinating, interesting the above figures are, and this is mixed with a lot of suspicion seeing that Skid Row, Venice and Hollywood were the ONLY communities singled out. This was not done last year.

Venice is one of the 10 communities that make up CD11.   Every wonder what percentage of the homeless in CD11 live in Venice?  

Answer: In 2016, 35% of the CD11 homeless lived in Venice.  In 2017, 43% of the CD11 homeless lived in Venice.  Based on the previous growth that percentage may be 50% in 2018.    With these figures in mind, realize that Venice makes up only 14% of the CD11 population.

Comments (3)

  1. Jack Herman

    2700 dollar a month median rent in the City of Los Angeles is the major reason why homeless numbers are risings throughout the entire city. And some of you who are constantly complaining about them and smearing them as all just a bunch of vagrants could be joining them on the sidewalks yourself any day now.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    The numbers reflect that Councilman Mike Bonin wants to concentrate and consolidate the homeless issue here in Venice.

    There is no attempt to solve the problem, but rather enable it and keep it in Venice.

    Meanwhile, designated city architects, engineers, builders and developers will reap the benefits financially from making Venice the homeless capital of the Westside.

    It is enough to make you want to vomit.

    There is no plan and never was a plan.

    The “plan” is to make Venice the homeless destination of every runaway, drug addict, the mentally impaired and others want a venue for entitlements and free housing.

    • Billy Zanatakos

      Mike Bonin didn’t create homelessness in Venice. Venice is ground zero and this is where the homeless in the city feel the safest. It is going to take a trillion tax dollars to solve the problem. You want the problem solved. Start urging the city council to raise taxes, so we can fight homeless.

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