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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

And if you think Venice is getting crowded, check out these projects for MDR and Del Rey

And if you think Venice is crowded or overbuilding, check out these projects touching Venice.  This is a list of upcoming and current projects in Marina and Del Rey areas.  The list was prepared for a project on Maxella and Glencoe Avenues being heard by the LA Planning Department this week. List was sent to Venice Update by Proposedpaseomarina.

Marina Del Rey Projects
1.  Proposed Project in Del Rey:  11612 W Culver Boulevard, 90230
•           Construction of a five-story mixed-use building.
•           47 rental units and 1,700 square feet of ground level commercial space.
•           62 Parking spaces and 66 Bicycle stalls on a 12,740 square foot site in the C2-1 zone.

2.  AMLI Marina Del Rey:  A new apartment development by AMLI Residential
•           Construction of a Five Story building.  585 apartment units.
•           Six buildings up to 5 stories and 70′ high
•           New 241 boat slip marina
•           New 1,271-Parking space garage

3.  4040 S. Del Rey Avenue:  Seven-story apartment building by California Landmark Group.
•           Construction of seven story apartment building.  250 units.

4.  Neptune Marina: A new apartment development by Legacy Partners on Marquesas Way, Marina Del Rey.
•           Construction of a five-story apartment building.  526 Units.

5.  Proposed Stella Apartment Expansion: Addition of 65 units on Maxella Avenue.
•           Construction of 65 units on what is now a dog park for the Stella Apartment building.

6.  X67 Lofts: 4140 Glencoe Avenue, Marina Del Rey by ETCO Homes
•           Currently under construction.
•           67 Condominium Units ranging in size from 1050 to 1851 square feet.

7.  Trader Joes / West Marine Boating Supply Store / Updated Yacht Club/Mix of other retailers:
•           Part of the 8 acre, U-shaped site on Admiralty Way between Mindanao and Bali Ways.
•           Plans submitted by Pacific Marina Ventures,LLC
•           83,253 square feet
•           The plan includes parking spaces for at least 462 cars and 100 bikes.
•           Pier 44 will set aside another 8,000 square feet for waterfront restaurants and pedestrian promenade.
•           Additional waterfront that’s 28 feet wide.
•           A new location for boating supplies retailer West Marina
•           A new home for the South Corinthian Yacht Club
•           Dept. of Regional Planning acknowledged that traffic at seven intersections – including along Lincoln Blvd. and as far away as Venice Blvd – could be significantly impacted during the evening rush hour, adding that “no feasible mitigation measures exist to reduce these impacts.

8.  Proposed Marriott Residence Inn Hotel on northern portion of Parcel 9U, wetland park on southern portion
•            Proposed dual building hotel
•            6-story, 72’-high Marriott Residence Inn
•            5-story, 61’-high Courtyard Marriott.
•           New promenade improvements, restaurants and amenities.
•           Wetland public park project
•           Project will break ground on Via Marina as early as Summer

9.  Marina Del Rey Hotel on Anchorage
•           Demolition of a 349-slip marina and construction of a 277-slip marina.
•           Massing — Parking–163 spaces for boaters
•           BOS (Building of Safety, Los Angeles County) approved bifurcation of Parcels 42 and 43 into separate leaseholds. Parcel 43 lessee has extended the option agreement for six months to have enough time to procure building permits from DPW. Lessee exercised its option to expand the lease term.
•           Dock replacement will be phased during a 5-year period beginning in 2015

10.  Fisherman’s Village / Gold Coast
•           Nine mixed use hotel/visitor-serving commercial/retail structures (8) 1- and 2-story and (1) 60′- tall hotel over ground floor retail/ restaurant parking structure with view corridor
•           132-room hotel
•           65,700 square foot restaurant/retail space
•           30-slip new marina
•           28 foot-wide waterfront promenade
•           Parking — On-site Parking includes all project required Parking, Parking for Parcel 61 lessee (Whiskey Reds).

11.  Mariners Village

•           Complete leasehold refurbishment of 981 apartments
•            Retail space increase from 2,070 s.f. to 9,000 s.f.
•           New 92-slip anchorage will be constructed
•            New 28 foot-wide pedestrian promenade and public amenities

12.  Villa del Mar
•           Complete leasehold refurbishment of 198 apartments
•           Existing 209-slip anchorage will be renovated commencing no later than 2029
•           Four existing buildings up to 3 stories high.
•           Improved pedestrian promenade and public amenities will be renovated.
•           Parking — Existing open air Parking and Parking structure will be renovated. Total Parking provided on site is 572 spaces.

13.  Mariners Bay
•           Complete leasehold refurbishment of 379 apartments
•           Seven buildings up to 3 stories high
•           Parking — Existing subterranean Parking structure contains 947 Parking spaces.
•           New bicycle depot for public use
•            Improvements to existing promenade and dock gates and public amenities
•            Replacement of existing docks within 6 months of completed of landside renovation

14.  Pier 44/Pacific Marina Venture
•           Build 5 new visitor serving commercial and dry storage buildings
•           Four new visitor serving commercial buildings, maximum 36′ tall and one dry stack storage building, 65′ tall. 771.5 lineal feet view corridor proposed.
•           82,652 s.f. visitor serving commercial space
•           141 slips + 5 end ties and 57 dry storage spaces
•           Parking — 381 at grade Parking spaces will be provided with shared Parking agreement (402 Parking spaces required)

15.  Boat Central / Pacific Marina Development
•           345-vessel dry stack storage facility* 30-vessel mast up storage space* 5,300 s.f. County Boatwright facility
•           81.5′ high boat storage building partially over water.
•           Parking with view corridor parking. All parking required of the project to be located on site
•           The waterside portion of the project was approved by the Coastal Commission on January 9, 2015.

16.  The Boatyard
•           New 921 s.f. ADA Restroom
•           New 3,916 s.f. carport with 14 garage spaces and boater storage
•           Leasehold refurbishment, including new landscaping, hardscape, and waterside walkway
•           One 38′ tall commercial warehouse building and 15′ tall office buildings. New carport storage and office buildings will be 15′ tall
•           Parking — Parking proposed is 147 spaces. The code requires 134 spaces for this use

Comments (8)

  1. D.

    New Marina del Rey development was not pushed by developers, just the opposite. The county needed to exploit revenue from apts to compensate the USC county hosp. and others for health care provided to illegals. So, they are building more apts. Remember in recent years how many hospitals were forced to close because they could not keep providing free care to those w/o insurance or funds.

    • isadora may

      I believe it is a combination of both County and Developers, and illegals are not a business for them is actually to fill out County and developers pockets

  2. Anoymous

    I wonder which government officials are getting paid to allow the amount of apartment/condo building that is going on our Marina area.

    It is becoming unsafe and totally too congested to make sense to enjoy a lifestyle that should have been made available.

    I want to know who the people are on the council or city development planning committees who were so easily swayed to allow these monstrosities to be built.

    Shame on all of them for their greed and ignorance.

  3. Alma Bachrach

    The Developers are ruining everything that has made Marina del Rey a gem for so many years. Views of the water, boats and space to ride a bike, jog, take a walk. Now it will be filled with apartment rentals, condos and no way to get in and out of the area within 20 minutes of traffic. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Developers take their money and move on to their gated communities. Not to say, how much can the landfill withstand!!

    • morris magid

      this has got to stop…there is no way this wild building should be permitted….there wont be any quality of life in the Marina…There has to be traffic mitigation addressed before these projects are even approved.

  4. Adam Glick

    MDR was built by the army corp. of engineers to be the worlds largest small boat harbor. The original permit guaranteed the boaters mountain views from their boats… both promises broken.
    Traffic is already horrendous and now we are going to add10k parking spaces. When will enough be enough? When ruin everything that made LA great?
    Keep the original agreement with the corps of engineers.

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmm – Development issues? The local government seems to be working with the big developers on this bikes over cars crap. From what this looks like bike parking will allow them to build bigger with less required parking. Sneaky devils, trying to make this look like some sort of hippy-dippy, eco project.

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