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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

82 Percent of Mar Vista “Great Street” Business Owners Oppose Lane Reduction

Members of the “Restore Venice Coalition,” headed by Kenneth Marek, did their own survey of the “Great Street” businesses in Mar Vista.   

Their survey of 55 businesses showed that 82 percent were opposed to the lane reduction while 9 percent were in favor and 9 percent did not care.

Note that one of the purposes of the “Great Streets” program is to increase business income because the program slows down traffic and produces a “small town effect in a big town.”  If the businesses are not happy and go out of business or leave because of lack of business, there is no longer a “Great Street.” 

Kenneth Marek, on behalf of the Restore Venice Coalition,  presented  the motion last night at the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council to restore Venice Blvd to three lanes each way.  The council had only three members who voted for the motion. This meant  that the configuration would remain the same to complete a one- or two-year trial.

By Kenneth Marek

Here is his letter to the MVCC Board members,


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