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PTC to Present Preferred Bike Share Selection to VNC

A bike station.

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Parking and Transportation Committee (PTC) is addressing many questions brought up by the implementation of a bike share program for Venice. The PTC will present their recommendation to the Venice Neighborhood Council board at the 18 July meeting.

There are several known factors or questions to be considered:

There are three main systems and apparently variations of each.

Is the system integrated with all the other systems.

Some systems require removing parking spaces; some systems do not.

Cost initially and yearly for maintenance.

The ride share program is going before the Coastal Commission in August.

Jim Murez, chair of the VNC Parking and Transportation Committee (PTC) says “We need to support the VNC PTC recommendation to improve the proposed locations and make it very clear that Venice is not in a rush to adopt a system that removes public parking and does not have the flexibility both the No1 and No3 system offer.” See the systems below

1. Santa Monica Breeze system: these are the green Hulu bikes. They have on each bike a credit card reader and GPS tracking. The GPS allows the system to locate a bike that was not parked at a designated station, pick it up at a $2.00 additional charge and then relocate it to an approved station. The person that rented the bike and left it is responsible for the restocking charge. If someone else takes the bike from the unauthorized location within a pre-specified time period there is no additional restocking charge so long as the second person returns the bike to an approved location.

2. The Metro system that is proposed in the CDP application is “station” based meaning the system only knows where the bikes are when they are parked in the racks at the station. This makes the stations have communications with the central system not the individual bike. The billing is only available at the bike station or at a Metro train station. Some bus routes might also offer TAP cards that will allow the bikes to be rented.

3. The third system is a revision to the SM Breeze system listed above in No1. It is being offered by Metro and has been adopted by our neighbor in Culver City. In comparison the next closest Metro Station based system is in Downtown Los Angeles, not exactly the last mile to Venice. In this system each bike will be equipped with a credit card reader that can charge a standard credit card like the No1 system but it will also allow transfers from Metro via the TAP card. Each bike will also be equipped with a GPS device, again to locate inventory from a central system.

Taylor Bazley, Venice deputy from Councilman Mike Bonin’s office, said we are in the 11th hour of getting bike share in Venice which is an exciting thing.

Matt Kline, VNC outreach officer, says “Venice is set to received 17 new bike share installations totaling hundreds of additional rental bikes aimed at alleviating beach traffic, all at a measly cost of $825 per installation.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    The Committee met this week and we had a very constructive and fruitful dialogue and conversation with the CD 11 representative. Most, if not all of Jim’s recommendations will be implemented or at least seriously considered. It was a good meeting.

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