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Comments — 3 July 2017

Note: These are comments that were published in the email version of the Venice Update that comes out on Mondays. The email version comments seldom are published here and vise versa. But it was felt these comments were pertinent enough to be published on the web.

Amy Alcon
Sorry for those whose panties will bunch at this being from the Hoover Institution, but I think this bit of information is important to consider — the possibility that creating congestion is intentional. That the Mike Bonins and Eric Garcettis with their “Bike!” ideology think they should force us out of our cars — just because that works for them:


The quote: “Halting road and highway expansion will create more congestion, which will convince drivers to seek out more efficient transportation options, such as transit, carpools, or relocation near their jobs or schools (or out of state).”

Yes, in LA, with housing prices through the roof (and then some) and jobs kind of hard to come by, let’s screw up the streets so everyone has to move and/or find new employment!

But hey, how great for Mike Bonin that he can claim that he did something “environmental” as a stepping stone to his next office.

Marie Hammond
Article on Vista del Mar stretch.


Arnold Springer
My history book (s) is coming along. Shooting for publication this fall, one
year later than planned. You are on the list. Will keep you updated.

Judy Goldman
My comment regarding the VNC vote on Carl Lambert’s request to convert Venice Suites, a 32 unit Rent Stabilized Apartment building Hotel:

It is unfortunate that the VNC has chosen to support the lawlessness of this after-the-fact request. Fortunately, the VNC is advisory only and this request still has many hurdles as it passes through scrutiny by the City Planning Department and Coastal Commission.

The law is on the side of protecting housing. The 400-plus stakeholders who formally expressed their opposition to the VNC to the proposed project will be watching closely to make sure justice prevails.

John Russo
Note: This was comment on the VeniceUpdate.com website regarding “Great Streets.” and was so definitive, it is reprinted here. Update would like to know how Russo’s business has been effected.

A lane reduction for Lincoln from Sepulveda to Santa Monica is in work.

Google Mobility Plan 2035 and download the document from the LADOT. Turn to page 135 and look at the maps. Pretty much all of the most heavily trafficked cooridors in LA are slated for Road Diets.

What was done on Venice is just the start…the plan is to make that change permanent and extend it from the beach to where it merges with Washington, then continue the insanity all the way downtown.

Amy Alcon
I kept wondering why anyone (Garcetti, Bonin) would do something so patently idiotic as to slow down traffic in a city where everyone mostly gets around in cars. (You can have a fantasy that people will bike from Venice to Pasadena, say, but only a few will.) That article — explaining that they WANT to slow down traffic as a way of getting us to meet their ideological ends — suddenly made this “road diet” initiative make sense. (Remember, Mike Bonin does not represent you — he represents Mike Bonin’s interests, which I would guess include a move to higher office.)

This is not a town where public transportation works — both for reasons of scale and because the people who’ve designed the systems here seem to have done it while in a mentally confused state (or high on a lot of something or other).

For years and years, I rode public transportation like a demon all over New York and Paris. Despite my French, uh, sucking, I was able to get around on the buses there, which zig and zag all over the place. (Manhattan buses are easier — they mostly go in straight lines: up Mad; down Lex, etc.)

Oh, and I’ll add that I vet science for a living — so it’s not like I’m some dim bulb. But finding an LA bus or Big Blue Bus map with an adequate explanation of where the stop is, and where the bus goes to, etc., is beyond me. I thought I’d take a bus from Venice and Abbot Kinney to my non-fic authors’ group on Montana and 15th. It took me 20 minutes poring over maps online before I just called. The guy at Big Blue was confused, too, but after another 20 minutes, he figured it out.

This is not a transportation system that is viable for people to use. How did I end up getting there? My boyfriend, hearing the bus info drama, drove over from West Hollywood and drove me to my meeting — as a sweet boyfriend thing, because I’d had a rough day. (I could have taken Uber, but I was waiting for my second part of my book advance to come in the mail, and I was economizing — as we raised-Midwestern types are trained to do.)

Yolanda Gonzalez
DWP and the City leave ratepayers in the dark.


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  1. Lee

    I’m beginning to think the only way for citizens to have a say in the city government is to sue the city to increase the number of council members. Currently we have so few council members, once they are voted in we have no way to get them out when they pander to certain areas of the city and ignore other areas. Garcetti and Bonin are listening to developers more than the voters, their main concern is big money for their next office run.

    • john mc manamy

      I certainly didn’t support Bonehead and unfortunately these politicians have little fiefdoms and screw you, the residents of their districts, its all about money and there quest for power.

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