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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Parking and Transportation Committee to Discuss Bike Racks Replacing Parking Stalls and “Great Streets”


The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Parking and Transportation Committee will meet Wednesday (5 July), 7 pm at the Canal Club, 2025 Pacific Ave to discuss bike share programs set up for your neighborhood. Note that some of these bike racks remove parking stalls; some go on sidewalks. Venice Blvd “Great Streets” will also be discussed.

Check the map and then go to http://venicenc.org/productphotos/CDP%20App%205-17-0500%20(LADOT)%20plans.pdf to see if the racks will go on the sidewalk or remove parking places on the street at the location of concern.

It is not “new” math; it is “bike” math
Rose Ave is scheduled for several bike racks. The one at Rose and Rennie will remove three parking stalls for installation of 21 racks. The math is 3 parking stalls removed; 21 bike racks added equals a gain of 18 spaces. See illustration below.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    As a member of this committee, I urge residents to participate and attend on Wednesday.

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