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Paul Goes Home By William Hawkins

Note: William Hawkins in chairman of the Venice Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee.  Venice Update will be happy to print every “Goes Home” story.  Keep them coming.

By William Hawkins

I just wanted to share another success story we had this week reuniting another person living on the streets of Venice with their family.

Paul is 27 years old and originally from a small Iowa farm town. He came to Venice after a breakdown and lived on the streets of Venice since last summer. He suffers from schizophrenia and hadn’t taken his medication for over eight months. His family in Iowa had read about our “home for the holidays” reunification program in the news back in December and reached out to me through the VNC website to help them find their son.

We’ve spent the last six months on a bit of a roller coaster working with Paul and trying to gain his trust. There were a lot of hit and misses…But all that hard work paid off with much help and support from Erin McGinness and Stephen Butler at St Joseph Center. Paul’s mother arrived in town yesterday and they are now both on their way home. Paul will get back on his meds and live on his grandfathers farm to help get things sorted out for his next chapter.

I hear people in Venice often say that the VNC doesn’t make a difference and only works in their own self interests. The ongoing work of this committee has now helped reunite 12 souls with their families since December. Not only are we helping change the trajectory of those peoples’ life journeys, but we are also saving the City millions of dollars in homeless services as well as shelter and housing in the process.

Thanks to all those who helped make a difference here and I wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend.

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  1. Jeff Haynes

    Sorry, I meant Rv’s not Suv’s. Does Will Hawkins lead a committee to lead a mission zero approach to homelessness. How long before they’re all out? Why hasn’t there been any serious enforcement in Venice to get them out? I just want a Homeless free Venice is that is possible.

    • Jack Herman

      Dude you just bought a house in the most un-affordable city in the country. There’s never going to be a “homeless free” Venice. It’s only going to get worse. LOL.

      • Anonymous

        Jack Herman posted: “Dude you just bought a house in the most un-affordable city in the country. There’s never going to be a “homeless free” Venice. It’s only going to get worse. LOL.” You think this is funny? One area of town designated as the repository of broken, addicted and criminal people? It has less to do with being un-affordable than it does with not enforcing the laws at the expense of the health and safety of the residents. Yeah, HAHAHAHA, laugh it up…

  2. Jeff Haynes

    Hi Venice Update. My name is Jeff Haynes. I’m new to the area and just bought a home in Venice. My two girls, my wife and I are concerned about all the homeless people in Venice. Nobody told us about the suv’s and the homeless people living in Venice. Is their a way to to ask Will Hawkins how long will it take to finally clear the homeless out of Venice? Is there a Vision Zero for homelessness too. Meaning is the city going to clear them all out so we tax paying citizens can live in peace? I have compassion for people but this is getting out of control. For once, I”d like to go to Venice Beach and have a homeless free area.

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