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Playa del Rey “Safe Streets” Has Created Anything but “Calming”


(Photo provided by Council Office.)

Removal of traffic lanes,  envisioned as a “calming” effect to create “Safe Streets” in Playa del Rey, has created an uproar among those using the streets and traffic gridlock.

Residents supposedly initiated the project but many more residents are now speaking up against the project. This latter group is organizing.


Photo above shows cars backed up on Culver Blvd at 90 Freeway (see arrows) where Culver is two lanes but leading to one lane at Lincoln. Cars (circled in photo) under freeway cannot cross the lane because it is full. This did not happen before. If traffic gets any worse, the intersection for the freeway ingress/egress will both back up the freeway and create a jam under the freeway. (Photo was taken at 7 pm Wednesday.)

The adding of bike lanes is redundant. There are bike lanes along Ballona Wetlands that parallel Culver and meet the north-south, 18-mile beach bike path on the sand that parallels Vista del Mar.

What is the street talk?
These are some of the things people are talking about:  Vision One and Mobility 2035, prepared by a group of theorists, to eliminate accidents is not in accord with reality and the commuters without an alternative.  Theorists have not seen, nor envisioned,  the backup of cars on Culver to the 90 Freeway. Commuters want to get home to their families.  What about the pollution caused by idling cars? Ten years ago the philosophy was not to put in crosswalks because pedestrians relied on them to keep them safe.

Money is being raised to get this road shrinkage reversed by the City Council.  See LA Times article.

Test run shows cars using bike lane to pass
This writer inspected the roads at 3 to 3:30 pm Wednesday, a non-traffic time. While on the new, one-lane Culver, two vehicles passed on the right in the bike lane. (See photos below.) Incidentally, there is no lane for traffic enforcement.



Traffic backed up on Culver to the light at Vista del Mar. On Vista del Mar there are two lanes going south for a short distance and cars raced to take advantage of that. Otherwise, traffic on Vista del Mar continued on uneventful. There were no U-turn lanes so one had to make a turn into Dockweiler Beach entrance. Attendants were use to that. The plan is to have many U-turn lanes.

Noticeable along the area where cars were parked was the trash. There is an area large enough for a bike to travel between parked cars and beach and that area is strewn with trash.

Also noticeable was the inefficient use of the road called Vista del Mar.


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