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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

CD11 Homeless Up 8 Percent; Venice Not Available Yet; City Up 20 Percent; County Up 23 Percent

Homeless count for CD11 is up 8 percent from 2016. Figures for Venice are not available yet.

Los Angeles County experienced a 23 percent increase to 57,794. The City of Los Angeles had a 20 percent increase with a total of 34,189 individuals. For more breakdowns go to vchcorp.org.

CD11 Count and Breakdown



Count by Areas
by spa


Where Originated

Number Placed

Stay in Vehicles




race & Ethenticity

For more breakdowns go to vchcorp.org.

Comments (3)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    Question: If the Venice #’s are unavailable and the overall number of homeless increased by 20%, how do you post a figure that in CD11 the number of homeless only increased 8%?
    Do you see how duplicitous and downright deceptive this Council Office has become?
    How do you release incomplete numbers that bode well for a failed council member that is Mike Bonin?
    When will the Venice number appear?
    There is no accountability because half of Venice spends their days climbing over each other kissing Bonin’s ass when the reality is his tenure has been nothing but an utter failure as he tries to manipulate the new figures with incomplete data.
    How bad do things have to be before something changes?

    • reta

      Other council districts have increased in homelessness more than CD 11 to explain the increase in LA vs the CD11 area. Hope this explains it.

    • Nick Z

      We no doubt have a homeless problem in Venice, but I went to the Hollyhock House the other day in Hollywood and tried to avoid gridlock by going down a side street that ended up just being a loop. I ran into two entire blocks of third world shanty town, no kidding like being in a different world, just a block from decent looking apartment buildings. Other areas of the City have really bad homeless issues, not just Skid Row. I mean baaad. Almost makes me glad the problem we have in Venice is as minor as it is….almost.

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