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Venice Median Plans Unveiling Will Be 27 June Only


Plans for the Venice Median will be unveiled for the first time Tuesday, 27 June, 7 to 8:30 pm at the Pacific Resident Theatre, 703 Venice Blvd.

It was stated in a previous article on the web and on the email blast Monday that another meeting would be held at the Israel Levin Center, Friday, June 23, and the plans would be unveiled there too. Not true.  This meet will only be informational and mainly for members of the Center.

“Venice Community Housing will  continue engaging the community by scheduling small, 1- to 2-hour events all summer to introduce and discuss the proposed Venice Median affordable housing development,” wrote Linda Lucks of Venice Community Housing.”Small, invitation-only meetings allow people the time and space to express their concerns, offer ideas, and ask detailed questions.” 

Contact Linda Lucks by 15 July at llucks@vchcorp.org if you are interested in hosting a gathering and/or sign up for regular email updates at Venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nick A said: “These so called do-gooder’s should find a warm place in Hell.” This has been going on for decades. If you want to take the time, sometime take just St Jos and VCH’s operating budgets, add them (try a five year period) up and see what has been spent, as compared to how many people have been housed or sent home to families. And again, the community asks, “Why in Venice where the cost of everything is more than other areas of LA?” The business seems to consist of enablement for taxpayer money. As for “low-income” artists? I understand the concept of “low income” but who is going to determine who the “artists” are or establish exactly what art is.” Probably a lawyer!

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Ever get that creepy feeling when you enter a room and you know that everything has already been predetermined and the presenters are just seeking the illusion of community support?
    It’s like going to a car dealership and you know you’re getting ripped off, you just want to minimize the damage!
    That’s how I felt after being in the meeting for less then 5 minutes as that smug and condescending architect talked down to the audience as if we were all third-graders and he was going to tell us how things really are!
    The fact is this is a done deal.
    They know what they want and refuse to give any details as to occupancy and this ridiculous notion of giving away million-dollar apartments to “low-income” artists?
    Are you serious?
    Just who are these people?
    The whole project has been predetermined and I want to know is how much is the architectural firm stand to gain in fees from tax dollars?
    The VCH has hit the proverbial number with an endless supply of cash ($250 million to be released on July 1 from the HHH funding) and they can’t tell you how many of the Venice homeless will be housed?
    The whole episode is a well scripted cash cow for the developers, architects and others who profit from the plight of the unhoused. It’s enough to make you want to vomit.
    These so called do-gooder’s should find a warm place in Hell.

  3. John Mc Manamy

    I notice that the proposal is to develop the public parking area (behind the chain link fencing) adjacent to the public boat ramp off North Venice Blvd at Canal Street. How can the city take away those seven parking spots which the Coastal Commission insisted be open from sunrise to sunset so folks could put boats, canoes and kayaks into the Venice Canals. 5-92-377-A1 is the CC permit.

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