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“Homes for Hope” Was Hit at Homeless Committee Meet


Architect and USC professor Sofia Borges spoke at the last VNC Homeless Committee about her “Homes for Hope.” What she had to show was a “simple” solution to a complex, expensive problem facing the City of Los Angeles in reference to housing the homeless.

She and her group of architects and wisely in coordination with the rules and regulations of the City’s Department of Building and Safety have come up with a 92 sqft modular unit that can be combined with other modules and is transportable. Each module costs $25,000 and that includes installion on site and ready to go within two weeks.

It can be disassembled and moved within the same amount of time. A wall can be removed to combine with another unit and not loose the integrity. The modules are stackable. They meet earthquake criteria.


Borges said the 92 sqft units can aggregate into 30-bed community, making it a by-right project zoned as congregant housing on a 5000 sq ft lot. The cost is $750,000 for 30 units. The time is two weeks.

Cost Per Unit Breakdown (Estimate)
Building Materials 13,000
Furnishings 2,800
Mechanical Systems 1,200
Labor 7,500

Total 25,000

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    This will never be considered because there is no money to be made by the corrupt developer community that is enabled by city governments across this country. They don’t want to solve anything! They want to make big bucks off the suffering of those drug addicted, mentally ill and on the streets with these so called solutions that cost billions and in the end solve nothing. If you solve the homeless issue, you basically shutdown a billion dollar, so called, not for profit cottage industry of waste, fraud and abuse. Look at HUD for starters. You have generations of families in government housing! What was solved? Bonin is central to the core of the homeless dilemma and as along as he’s at the center of this public policy travesty in LA, nothing will change and billions will be wasted and homelessness will get worse. Sad, but true.

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