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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hope Task Force Removes Bulky Items from 3rd & Cleans Mess on Sunset



Hope Task Force, which consists of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation Workers and the Los Angeles Police Department, were picking up bulky items Thursday and were asked by neighbors to clean up a mess on Sunset just around the corner.

Hope Task Force operates out of the West Bureau. Normally, they just pick up bulky items but neighbors on Sunset asked them if they would clean up Sunset.

LAMC 56.11.3(i) Bulky Items (non-shelter) placed in Public Areas
Bulky itms are defined as any item possessing size and/or shape which will not allow the item to fit into a 60-gallon receptacle with the container lid closed. Bulky items generally include but are not limited to mattresses, appliances, furniture, shed, structures, non-operational bicycles, and construction materials. An exception has been established for tents, wheelchairs, walkers, containers of a volume not exceeding 60 gallons, crutches, and bicycle if operational


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  1. Nick Antonicello

    That Mike Bonin is really doing some great things for Venice! What a leader!

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