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My Opinion on Venice Blvd “Calming”– Jim Murez

Note: Jim Murez, a long-time Venice resident, is a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council and a former member of the Land Use and Planning Committee.

…my opinion on Venice Blvd traffic calming:

The Venice community is taking as much if not more of the impacts from the traffic calming measures that were introduced to Venice Blvd in the Mar Vista community.  These improvements have created a bottle neck in traffic flow out of the Venice community.  As a result more neighborhood cut troughs are occurring both in the Venice neighborhoods as well as the Mar Vista residential streets as drivers look for a better solution.

If the Councilman looked at traffic as a regional problem rather than as a spot fix, he would consider allowing traffic to backup where it funnels into our region.  Take exiting from Marina Del Rey onto Washington Blvd for example, why should there be two lanes of traffic allowed to go westbound, the only place for all that traffic to end up is Pacific Av.  This is a huge cut through route…  but if you stopped two lanes going left then people would go straight up Ocean Av another residential street that is way over impacted.  So to protect the community straight through traffic would also need to be stopped during peak trip times.  Wow – that would force all the traffic back to Lincoln Blvd, US highway #1… what a concept.  And maybe these measures would stop people who work in the South Bay and live in the Valley from cutting through Venice.

But when I asked the CM if he would consider traffic improvement like those he instituted in his community of Mar Vista, he said NO very clearly siting his plate was to full at present with the Playa Vista and Mar Vista projects.

Once again, Venice is treated as the stepped on child of the City.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jack, you are right about the planned development, Galanter was doing that the same time that she was doing the “keep Venice funky” with all of that degradation and lack of enforcement. I remember multiple junk cars stored for months on what is now the Whole Paycheck lot and at the curb on Rose. Council office and the LAPD basically ignored it. And how is this that much different than what is being done today. Unbridled development, the OFW Business Improvement District, yet more people camping around town that the social services could ever possibly handle. It is hard to tell the players without a program.

  2. Dogg

    My neighbors and I think the Great Streets project in mar vista is fantastic. We should have pedestrian and bike friendly streets throughout the city.

  3. Anonymous

    What is happening today goes back to the days of Mr. Bonin’s mentor and former boss Councilmember Ruth Galanter who ran this formerly CD5 with the same social engineering attitudes, nonprofit social service connections, and total disregard for resident’s input or safety. Venice was given a reprieve and blossomed when Galanter was banished to the Valley and was replaced with Brentwood-based Cindy Misikowski, when the districts were re-apportioned and Venice became part of CD11, instead of being an oddly connected gerrymandered area of low income neighborhoods that served Galanter’s promotion of the idea that Venice should be the designated gang/homeless/drug sales area in order to keep rents and real estate prices low so there would be a place at the beach where “poor” people could live. When people complained about the crime and grime, they were told to move to Manhattan or Redondo Beach. FAULTY LOGIC. The “new” CD11 changed that. Cindy was replaced 3 years later with Bill Rosendahl who tried to keep some sort of balance between the factions. Bonin laid low for his first term, but now, since he is embedded for the next four years and Bill has passed on, he can continue the work of Galanter, making the people who live in Venice pay for all of the ills of society. Imagine what it would have been like if Galanter had not been forcedto go and if Bonin had directly followed her? An even bigger disaster!

    • Jack Herman

      Are you familiar with the parking lot on Ocean Front Walk between Sunset and Thornton ? Well I am because I lived right behind it at 18 Sunset back in 1987. And Ruth Galanter was very much in favor of Steve Blanchard’s 34,000 square foot mini mall with food court that he wanted to build there. It would have been the biggest project on the Boardwalk. She was so much in favor of that project that she completely ignored the concerns of the residents and pushed it through the City Council and the Coastal Commission. For reasons that I’m not exactly clear on because I moved it was never built but the fact is she wanted that project. She wanted it so bad that when she was reminded that she ran as a slow-growth candidate she responded by stating that supporters of hers who were running her campaign while she was in the hospital recovering from her attempted murder had ran her on a platform that wasn’t actually the platform she wanted to run on. So this whole idea that you (whoever you are)keep putting out there that Ruth Galanter wanted to keep Venice low rent for the poor, homeless and drug dealers is just a whole lot of nonsense. The last time Venice was low rent was probably about 1979. By 1987 when Ruth Galanter was the City Councilperson here gentrification was well under way. And she was one of the local politicians leading the charge.

  4. John mcmanamy

    I always ask this question, “who voted for this clown?” and no ever seems to own up to supporting Bonin

    We get what we vote for and we got Bonin. He’s simply the mouth piece for the VHC.

  5. Nick Antonicello

    As usual, James presents a sober, analytical and rational response to this government induced problem. We need City-hood for Venice to escape from this bureaucratic incompetence.

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