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Comments — 29 May 2017

Note: Normally, the comments in the email version are not printed here in the web version and the comments in the web version are not printed in the email version.

Michael Lipson

Note: In this day and age people are disrespectful to an extent that has become almost intolerable. What happened to respect for the President of the United States. What happened to respect for our teachers, our parents, our neighbors, our local office holders, ourselves?

A derogatory article was written about the Venice Neighborhood Council Secretary Melissa Diner. Sometimes being chastised in Beachhead is a positive. But Michael Lipson took offense that someone would write such about a friend of his. So he wrote this on behalf of his friend which I felt was special and a reminder to us all.

Wow. this morning a friend showed me the hatchet job the Beachhead did on Melissa Diner.

I confess to not being all that familiar with all
the relevant and particular details, but i will gladly
vouch for Melissa’s integrity and her fully above-board
behavior. I thought at least some of what made its
way into print was utter bullshit and largely fabrication.

I haven’t spoken with her, at least not since i’ve
seen that piece, so i don’t know how she’s taking it,
but given that i’m outraged to the mild degree that i am,
i can easily imagine that she is upset.

Anyway….i truly don’t know much about the specific
issues, but i do know Melissa fairly well and just wanted
to speak up on her behalf. I truly believe she’s an extremely admirable
and hard-working young-woman, who’s only fault in that regard is perhaps
her naivete or idealism. Plus, as a female, i know she often feels
as if she has a hard time getting certain individuals to take her seriously.

Peter Griswold

This is a wonderful, one minute clip filmed in Glasgow.
Full of wisdom, and very brief.
It’s not a joke, it’s not religious, it’s not political.
It’s just…Special. I think you’ll agree.
Enjoy this clip; it has a meaning for all of us.

Reta Moser and the Venice Update

Would like to start a column containing news of importance particularly crime in the neighborhoods. Do I have volunteers?

Joan Wrede mentioned that cars in Silver Triangle and particularly on Ocean Ave were being keyed. Oxford Triangle has had packages stolen from porches and bicycles missing.

Also I am always looking for guest submittals of articles. Features of Venice would be great. It is nice to have a newspaper that is reader driven. For example Venice Blvd traffic last week had my emails on alert and now this week the story. Of course, it was on the web as it developed. By the way, construction should be finished this week. Just to name a few writing contributors — Darryl DuFay has been a valued, frequent contributor, Angela McGregor covers VNC meets and some committees. Amy Alcon submitted an article, Bob Eklund has his Looking Up column, Mark Ryavec keeps us all aware of crime and laws affecting our neighborhoods, and Jack Pritchett who recently covered a Design Series date to name a few. Hope I haven’t missed anyone because it is so great when one contributes.

The Update is on the web as stories happen at VeniceUpdate.com and then weekly stories are accumulated and delivered via email on Mondays.

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