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Venice Update

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Ryavec’s Home has Brick Thrown in Window


Captain Dominic Choi,

Sometime last night or this morning someone threw a rock or brick at a plate glass window of my home’s foyer on Rialto Avenue.

I am now living in the rear apartment on the property so I did not hear this event. My tenant in the front house, where the incident occurred, is out of town.

As Captain Jon Peters is aware, I have previously been the target of a very specific fire bombing threat due to my work with the Venice Stakeholders Association.

I cannot tell if this was simple, impersonal Venice vandalism, if it was the precursor to a break-in, or if it was aimed at me personally for my work for the VSA on behalf of residents.

I would ask for extra patrols of the house over the next few days and nights.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mark Ryavec

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    The ONLY solution is to either hire a private security detail for the residents of Venice (like Snap patrols, highly effective) or to take up arms (yes guns) so that these dirtbags start fearing the residents. Right now, it’s a joke – they know they won’t get arrested for anything short of an attack with a deadly weapon, even then, they might get arrested but certainly won’t do any time in Bonin’s regime.

  2. Anonymous

    Welcome to the front lines of the class war being brought to you by the people elected to serve YOUR interests, but instead kowtow to developers and their own sense of the future. Venice residents, with law enforcement hampered by lawsuits and a “benevolent” council office and squeezed between the Sheriff in the Marina and Santa Monica police, both not limited or dismissed, must endure the most unfortunate situation of being at the interface.

  3. Lee

    I had my car scratched last week while in my driveway, possibly due to asking a certain loudmouth street dweller to move on after he and his friends were having overly loud conversations next to my house late at night/early morning. Thinks he owns Venice.

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