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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

CAO Analyzes Five Storage Options for Venice Homeless

Westminster Senior Center on Pacific between Westminster and Clubhouse.

Interim City Administrative Officer Richard H. Llewellyn, Jr. answered Councilman Mike Bonin’s request for analysis of five storage options for storage of homeless stuff.  This is the analysis from the CAO of five systems to create storage capacity for homeless in Venice.


Analysis for each option is presented.

storage3 1
storage5 1

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    Bonin is a criminal. He’s disregarding the VNC (now that he doesn’t control the board) and acting w/o the consent of the neighborhood.

  2. Penny

    It is interesting that the only alternative that does not include an “additional concerns” subsection is the conversion of the Westminster Senior Center. What about the numerous and substantial concerns stated by the community on many occasions? This alone shows the bias of the study and article.

  3. Will

    The costs of the mobile storage options in this report are exaggerated and inflated. The VNC presented the city with a proposal and a budget and the overall costs are a fraction of what’s listed on this report. It also severely misrepresents how many bins could fit on a bus. The school buses we proposed hold well over 30 bins and could be customized to fit more. This report sttes on 12 bins can fit on a Metro bus…this is incredibly off base and seems to be purposeful in increasing the costs of the proposed plan.

    I’m disappointed that the valid and effective mobile storage plan that was proposed by the people of Venice has been so terribly misreprented here. This doesn’t serve the people of LA or Venice at all.

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