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Silver Lake’s Rowena Ave “road diet” possible disaster

(Photo courtesy of The Eastsider.)  This is Rowena Ave that had a disastrous “road diet” of almost a mile.

Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake reduced their four lane to a two-lane route to accommodate bike lanes. They called it a “road diet.” It apparently has been a disaster for two years according to residents.  This was Councilman Tom LaBonge area and idea.

“But the reduction of lanes for cars and trucks has only made congestion worse, and conditions have not improved,  according to some residents.  Last week, Public Works Commissioner Matt Szabo called the Rowena road diet ‘a bit of a disaster,’ was reported by The Eastsider.

Read the complete article mentioned by Marilyn Roland.

“The “Great Streets” is something that Mayor Eric Garcetti initiated and one wonders if councilmen have been “suggested” to volunteered areas,” wrote one reader.

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  1. Silverlake’s Road Diet has saves lives, and a data analysis of traffic sensors shows it did *not* reduce the flow of traffic on the street. https://www.datascience.com/resources/article/silver-lakes-road-diet-data-analysis

  2. Terry

    The new lanes are not only congesting traffic way East from where they start, they are dangerous: making a right on a red light onto Venice from a cross street is almost impossible and bicyclists can no longer be seen approaching from the left. What a nightmare. I certainly won’t be doing any shopping along Venice in Mar Vista for as long as this foolishness persists.

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