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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Gay Pride Month Kickoff Ceremony Will Dedicate Park Ave to Breeze Ave Beach as Bill Rosendahl Memorial Beach, 1 June


Kickoff ceremony for the City of Los Angeles to launch the start of the National LGBT Pride Month will be at Breeze Ave and Ocean Front Walk at 10 am Thursday, 1 June. The ceremony will feature the dedication of Venice Beach from Park Ave to Breeze Ave as the Bill Rosendahl Memorial Beach in honor of the first openly gay person elected to the Los Angeles City Council.

Dedication will be announced by LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, the first openly gay person elected to the California Legislature. Other  speakers will be Councilman Mike Bonin and Venice Pride Board President Grant Turck.

After the dedication, the Venice Lifeguard Tower at Brooks will be unveiled.



It was noted on the circular that this goat attended the first time ever Venice Annual LGBT Pride Ceremony.

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  1. anonymous

    Bill Rosendahl is rolling over in his grave at what Mike Bonin has done to Venice, especially 3/4th and Rose where Bill spent years helping people on every level. Bonin was just waiting for Bill to die to show his true colors and they aren’t represented by the lifeguard station. RIP Bill. Shame on you Mike Bonin, Coward, Liar, Corrupt. You will be outed for your corruption.

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