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Councilman Bonin Answers Venice Blvd Nay Sayers

Councilman Mike Bonin was asked to make a statement regarding all the people in Venice who are upset with the new configuration of Venice Blvd.  He feels it is the construction and their crews that are causing the problem and construction will be over by end of the month.

It appears that a lot of the traffic congestion and we are seeing now is coming from the construction, rather than the new lane configuration. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the month. During the next two weeks of construction, while some parts of the road are painted and some are not, and while new signage is installed, there is likely to be some confusion and frustration. Once the work is completed and motorists adjust to the new configuration, we will be able to evaluate impacts and make changes.

Comments (14)

  1. Steven Burns

    I get wanting to increase the modes of transit on through roads like Venice Blvd, but this change was not even remotely thought through or planned. We went from 3 motor lanes, 1 bike lane and one parking lane to 2 motor lanes, 1 bike lane and 1 parking lane. This generates deliberate congestion on a road used by several bus lines and emergency vehicles. Dangerous and irresponsible.

    I know you drivers will hate on me for this, but if you want to make a positive impact, convert it like they did to SaMo Blvd from West LA to Beverly HIlls: convert a motorist lane to transit only. This speeds up bus transit, permits emergency vehicles to bypass backups as they also may use the bus lane and should increase transit ridership. Safety and lower carbon footprint. The change they made increases the carbon footprint by longer idling and reduced transit ridership.

  2. Hunter

    Me and my wife live right off Venice Blvd near Wade. We could not believe when we saw Venice being changed from a 3 lane busy highway into a 2 lane highway. We though the council has lost their minds. We know many people that hate the change and no one that supports the change. Maybe it is time that Bonin listens to the people rather than stupid ideas recommended by people out of touch with practical solution to help traffic. Shoppers, business owners, residents and commuters all hate the new Venice Blvd. CHANGE IT BACK

  3. Bob Levine

    I have stopped shopping and driving on Venice Blvd. Since the new configuration it is dangerous and the bike riders are creating a safety issues. By passenger door was nearly hit by a non aware cyclist.

    Really a bad idea.

    • SEA

      just wait to school starts and all the buses and car pick ups at venice high…..right where the 3 lanes become 2

  4. nikoletta skarlatos

    In response to Jack Herman…. Just go to Venice Boulevard and try to drive to work now between 6:30-11 am, and then again at rush hour 4-7 pm. It is a cluster traffic nightmare. It is unequivocally absurd that this self aggrandizing hack would NOT use desperately needed funds to help his “visitors” who are sleeping in their own feces and perpetuating MRSA ( Yes Jack, MRSA at 3/4 Rose to be put in a Public Housing facility that he can easily have but near his home in Mar Vista, where he can keep careful eye and care upon his ” subjects”. It is so glaringly obvious that he is in bed with developers for his little sacrosanct area of CD 11 in Mar Vista, he should remove this gross abuse and waste of funds immediately and get one of his developer bed partners and build at the end of his block. He is a destructive coward. Who has NEVER shown his face at 3/4 Rose and never had the temerity to meet with us, his constituents who got him elected in the first place , at the behest of a dying Bill Rosendahl. It is only a matter of time for him to meet with justice.

    • Anonymous

      Jack Herman does not exist – He is a paper (electronic?) shill for the Bonin machine. A political force that is shoving this “progressive” BS up all of our butts. Do not waste your time with reason or reality. Soviet Commissar Bonin will tell you what you like and his social media monitor, Mr. Herman will justify it for you. It is that simple.

    • Anonymous

      WOW! Did I post that Jack Herman was a shill for Bonin in my last posting – I got him confused with Jack Kelly, the obvious shill. Not really sure about Jack Herman, but it sure seems like we are getting Jacked around by the few (housed) Bonin supporters who purportedly live in Venice.

  5. Cam Tagana

    If I have anything positive to say how vocal this community is compared to others. One would think since the 405 freeway gradually becomes more populated every month/year that reducing lanes on Venice Blvd. is a step backwards. Besides poor Bonin and his colleagues don’t know that E-bikes are the new black and these bike lanes are obsolete.

  6. Susan Voss

    What artsy fartsy neanderthal thinks this “new” design is useful? You have totally fuked up Venice Blvd in the Mar Vista area. It’s a ridiculous change that has already backfired. Eventually there will be many accidents and possibly injuries due to this stupid “change”. Fire the idiots that thought this was cute.

    • Anonymous

      Mike Bonin has got to BE KIDDING! This is HIS neighborhood, how convenient that he destroys the commute for everyone WEST of him just so he can have a bike lane and curry favor with his neighbors. He is such a political hack – heaven help us all when he runs for Mayor, which keep this in mind, is the reason he does everything – to run for Mayor. What a hack.

  7. Jack Herman

    Interesting. Was just there the other day and didn’t see any of the things people are complaining about. Seems to me this is just another case of people who didn’t vote for Mike Bonin complaining about something where there really is nothing to complain about. And that is of course because we live in an age where politics has become a hyper-partisan recreation sport where if your guy (or gal) doesn’t win an election, then your job is to oppose anything and everything that the guy (or gal) who did win proposes or actually does.

    • Nick Z

      Jack, the issue is rush hour when people are going to work or coming home. Sounds like you are lucky enough to be on a different schedule.

    • Easton

      The extra congestion is very noticeable in the AM I think in part not just because it is now a 2 lane blvd. instead of 3 due to the bike lane, but also the left lane eastbound sometimes backs up due to left turn lanes filling up. Last week there was a major backup one morning and people started going south to Washington to get to the 405. Unfortunate.

  8. Nick Antonicello

    Drove on Venice Blvd this week and witnessed the circus-like traffic due to the ridiculous notion this major thoroughfare can be transformed into some bike-friendly, walking venue. How about a real light rail system down Venice Blvd that hooks a left on Lincoln and takes you to LAX? That mess being created currently is just that, a mess.

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