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Bonin Writes to Mar Vista Neighbors

Dear Friends —

Are you wondering what the heck is happening with all the city crews recently on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista? Our Great Street project is moving forward and finally delivering the “small town downtown” that neighbors have been clamoring for.

We just finished installing the four new signalized pedestrian crosswalks, and as you have likely noticed over the past few days, crews are now restriping the street, creating protected bike lanes and narrowing the roadway to calm speeds through the neighborhood. The goal is a safer street for people using all modes of travel: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Change is always difficult, and the impacts of work crews on our streets can be disruptive, so it’s no surprise that some people are concerned or alarmed about what is happening. It is important to note that the new lane configuration is a pilot program, using low-cost and temporary materials. We are going to gather data and public input, analyze whether impacts are positive or not, and adjust accordingly. We can keep what we love, improve what we can, and remove what we dislike.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of the month. During the next two weeks of construction, while some parts of the road are painted and some are not, and while new signage is installed, there is likely to be some confusion and frustration. Once the work is completed and motorists adjust to the new configuration, we will be able to evaluate impacts and make changes.

The Great Streets project has been in the works for three years. Since Mayor Garcetti and I launched the initiative in 2014, we have listened to people in Mar Vista about how they want to use and enjoy Venice Boulevard. We spent a year conducting remarkably extensive outreach, surveying neighbors online, at the Farmers Market, at local shops, churches, schools, and even at their front doors. The feedback was extensive and the message is clear: Mar Vistans want Venice Boulevard to be safer, calmer, and a central gathering spot for the neighborhood.

We listened, and we put our team to work to design a Venice Boulevard that can be the heart of the neighborhood, instead of a high-speed roadway that divides it. By enormous margins, neighbors said they wanted:

  • More mid-block pedestrian crossings, so it is easier to walk from one side of the street to the other;
  • Shorter, safer pedestrian crossings;
  • Opportunities for public gathering spaces such as parklets, sidewalk seating, and plazas;
  • Safer bikeways;
  • Improved amenities, like street furniture and trash bins;
  • Drought tolerant landscaping; and
  • Murals and community art.

Many of these improvements have already been installed and more are on the way.

This has been a community-driven process from the beginning and as we enter the next phase of the project, your continued engagement is crucial. Please contact my Mobility Deputy Jessie Holzer at jessie.holzer@lacity.org or 310-575-8461 if you have questions, input, or if we can be of any assistance.

Thank you for your partnership in the Mar Vista Great Streets Initiative. I am very excited to see Venice Boulevard become the vibrant neighborhood center that it has the potential to be for our community.


Comments (8)

  1. Nikoletta Skarlatos

    Unbelievable stupidity . I agree with Jack Eldridge completely. Mike Bonin is about as corrupt as they come. This is simply idiotic. Finally home and can work at Sony Studios and it is taking almost the same amount of time to get home to Venice as it takes to get to Warner Brothers in the Valley. And just WHO wanted this? Not anyone that I know in Mar Vista. As a matter of fact, everyone that I know in Mar Vista is freaking out. This is ludicrous. Venice Boulevard is zoned as the thorougfare that it has been all of these years. And what has Mike Bonin done for Venice , part of CD 11 at 3rd and Rose at 4th and Rose? Instead of wasting these funds in the most absurd way, WHY DON’T YOU FINALLY COME TO OUR STREET MIKE and help your ” visitors”? Rick Swinger has a great plan to implement.

  2. Disgusted

    How about a letter to the people of Venice, too, Mr. Bonin? Or are you already annexing us? Sure seems that way these days. You can’t even get the bike lanes painted near Rose and Main for us much less address the homeless encampments creating so many problems for residents. Venice needs representation on the City Council. Where are you???

  3. Craig

    Go down to third and rose fourth and rose sunset and Hampton
    And make a real difference it’s amazing how you overlook that
    And we have neighbors Visitors and residents getting assaulted and you do nothing about it shame on you and all you can say is no comment what kind of councilman are you how did you get elected Bill Rosenthal would not approve how you been neglecting and handling everything for sure you’re embarrassing our beloved Venice shame on you

  4. Anonymous

    Isn’t it interesting that the exact same people who support Bonin’s bum sanctuary city programs on this site, also support Bonin’s stupid traffic concepts. Methinks these are council office trolls, sent here to deflect negative response to our esteemed Councilman’s agenda of turning Venice into a place that is increasingly more uncomfortable to residents. Just sayin’

  5. Jack Eldridge

    This is the most wrong-headed notion I’ve seen in 20 years of living in Venice. At a time when the area carries more traffic than ever, the main thoroughfare gets cut down by 30% of its capacity? Ridiculous.

    It now takes almost twice as long to get from Lincoln to the 405 as it did this time last week. At least adjust the traffic light timing! I sat through three light cycles at Centinella and Venice yesterday, after taking 5 minutes to turn onto Venice at Wade.

    All for what? Is anyone really going to sit on a bench on the blvd. just to enjoy the noise and fumes from 10 blocks of gridlocked traffic?

    I hope this is one of the public forums from which feedback is being gathered on the success of this ridiculous project. If it is, please register two thumbs way, way, way, way down.

  6. Nick Antonicello

    You think it was a coincidence that construction began after he was safely re-elected to a 5.6 year term of office? What do you think? Elections have consequences.

  7. Charles and Karen Rosin

    u listen to the people of Mar Vista, but not the people of Venice — or the drivers who depend on Venice Blvd, for that matter.

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