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Measure H Committee Completes Budget

Note: It was Update’s understanding that Measure HHH was to provide housing; Measure H was to provide supportive services.

By Coalition to Preserve LA

The Coalition to Preserve LA applauds the Measure H Work Group for showing how a transparent body of 50 disparate people, meeting in public, can hammer out a critical plan for addressing the homeless crisis.

This week, after five “Work Group” meetings, the 50-member body of government officials, nonprofit leaders and citizen stakeholders, recommended spending $355 million per year in voter-approved Measure H funds, mostly for rapid re-housing ($216 million for temporary rent help), supportive services and more shelters.

Ruth Schwartz, executive director of Shelter Partnership, made an impassioned plea at the mid-April meeting of the Work Group that a proposed $87 million over three years for temporary rent help to get people immediately into housing was too low.

Although criticized as too big by some media and officials, the 50-member Measure H committee approved a range of traditional and new ideas, allocating $5 million in one-time funds to innovations. One innovation being investigated is a project at USC to create 3-D printed houses for the homeless.

Some of the Work Group’s strategies have not been attempted on such a large scale, and may be altered as Los Angeles County officials learn along the way.

The largest chunk of money over the next three years goes to short-term rental subsidies for “rapid re-housing” and services for those capable of becoming self-sufficient.

Another $208 million will be injected into more shelters and expanding temporary housing for people waiting for permanent housing. Another $146.5 million provides more services for those in permanent supportive housing.

Homelessness has increased across all cities and sectors in L.A. County, including a surge in families with children.

Measure H Work Group member Reba Stevens, of LAHSA’s Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG), says she hopes Measure H money provides help to families in South Los Angeles who currently trek to Hollywood to get services for their children.

According to 2016 data from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) there are about 882 homeless families with 1,352 children in the DCFS system.

Final approval on the spending plan is set for a June 13 vote by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

With the money soon to be in the pipeline, citizen groups and watch-dog organizations have pledged to keep an eye on how it is spent.

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