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Venice Update

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Becky Dennison Lists Events and Answers Questions Regarding Venice Median Project

Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing (VCH), lists the upcoming events and answers questions regarding the project.

Upcoming Events

General Outreach: Flyering and Door-Knocking
Thursday, May 25th
4 ro 6 pm
Residences near the parking lots

Community Meeting to review Preliminary Project Design(s)
TBD, estimated in mid-June
(we will confirm soon)

Presentation and Discussion
Friday, June 23rd
1 to 2:30 pm
Israel Levin Center
201 Ocean Front Walk

“We have temporarily scaled back community engagement in order to work on design(s) for the site,” wrote Dennison.   “However, we can give tours of our properties upon request and we are continuing to attend community meetings as invited – please feel free to invite us to come to any formal or informal group of neighbors or stakeholders.  Email venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org to extend an invitation and/or give any other suggestions on expanding community engagement. ”

Questions and Answers

1)    What are the boundaries for SPA 5? (the County’s Service Planning Area served by the Coordinated Entry System)?

Service Planning Area 5, or SPA 5, serves the communities of Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, Santa Monica, and Venice.  The website is here: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/CHS/SPA5/index.htm.  In a previous Q&A, we described the Coordinated Entry System, or CES:

How Does the County’s Coordinated Entry System (CES) Work?

The CES system created centralized wait lists for permanent supportive housing throughout LA County.  Although the CES system is Countywide, the wait lists are regional.  This site is in Service Planning Area 5 (SPA 5), and therefore would receive referrals for permanent supportive housing tenants from the SPA 5 wait list, which includes people who are currently without housing and living in Westside communities.   CES is not one Countywide wait/referral list.

2)    What percentage or number of units could be set-aside for a master lease with Venice-specific outreach teams, as a method to target Venice street dwellers for this housing?

We don’t have a percentage or number for the master lease idea yet, as we are researching that piece of the project and that decision would be made much later in the development process.  We are committed to pursuing this option.

3)    The model/template for large scale buildings with concentrated populations is questionable to ineffective, such as Cabrini Green in Chicago being torn down and replaced with small building density.

Cabrini Green had 3,600 units and was home to 15,000 people.  We are proposing 140 units, or 4% of the size of Cabrini Green.  Our proposal is well within Housing Authorities’ new outlook on appropriately sized communities, in fact it’s much smaller.

4)    Is this the most efficient use of funds?  Are there better alternatives?  

Based on substantive research over the past decade, development of permanent supportive housing is a cost effective intervention that saves local governments money and successfully ends homelessness for most.  There are also other cost-effective programs and interventions, but permanent supportive housing development is greatly needed to supplement other programs in Los Angeles in order to end homelessness.

5)    What is the update on the design process?  Will you stop your design process until there is more opportunity for input?  

Our team, particularly the architects, are in the process of creating and refining possible design concepts for the site.  We estimate that we will have something to present at a community meeting by mid-June.  We will continue to accept and incorporate input throughout the design process, but we aren’t going to stop our process as we’ve heard overwhelmingly that people would like to have something more concrete to see, evaluate and respond to.

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