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3rd Ave — To Clean or Not to Clean; And Rose?

Note:   This in  from Councilman Mike Bonin’s Communications Director David Graham-Caso …

Thanks for the opportunity to clear up the confusion here. Sanitation is not out of money, and the street cleanings in Venice will continue. The Sanitation crews have had to limit the amount of overtime they use during cleanups, so the hours when they work have changed, but the regular cleanups are not stopping. I also understand that the crew did not make it out to Venice this week on their regular day, but that they were there yesterday to clean the street.

Third Avenue between Sunset and Rose is back in the news. The homeless sleeping on the sidewalks and those residents surrounding the area are complaining that the area has not been cleaned. In addition the homeless on south side of Rose between 3rd and 4th moved their belongings across the street to the north side Friday to accommodate a cleaning that never happened.

Third Avenue, located in a manufacturing area between Sunset and Rose, has been unofficially designated as a place for homeless to stay on the sidewalks. It is cleaned and sanitized once a week. Lava Mae comes once a week to provide showers for those who want them. St. Joseph’s outreach team is supposedly there daily to get people to apply for housing via the Consolidated Entry System (CES) and make sure the homeless are all right.

But Bureau of Sanitation has not been seen for the Friday cleanup for the last four weeks according to homeless residents and a couple of weeks according to surrounding residents. Update has pictures taken 7 April and Sanitation was there that day.

Councilman Mike Bonin’s office has been queried as to the status and a statement should be forthcoming. One wonders if this is a fiscal budget situation. The cleanup continues on Ocean Front Walk. Next fiscal year starts 1 July.

To complicate matters more for the nearby residents on north side of Rose, the homeless were told to move their belongings to the north side of Rose Friday so that the south side of Rose could be cleaned. Who told them is not known and it was not posted. In addition, there was no cleaning on 3rd.

The homeless have migrated around 3rd Avenue to sleep on south side of Rose. So it too needs cleaning and sanitizing but Update has never seen nor heard of it being cleaned.  It was reported by one homeless man that the south side of Rose had been cleaned once before. Update has never seen it cleaned nor signs posted for a cleaning.

The residents absolutely do not want the “homeless mess” in front of their homes for health reasons. Residents feel the homeless create and live in an unsanitary environment and they do not want the unsanitary condition at their doorsteps. Across the street is not to their liking either but bringing them in front of their properties is crossing the border of tolerance.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) Homeless  moved Friday morning to north side of Rose between 3rd and 4th so that the south side of Rose could be cleaned during cleanup of 3rd Avenue.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) This is stuff that is normally on Rose between 3rd and 4th during the day. Sometimes homeless  haul it to Rose temporarily during 3rd cleaning to be hauled back to 3rd  after 3rd  is cleaned but sometimes they don’t haul it back.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) This an example of how trashy an area can get during the week. This is across the street on Rose from residents.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) Clean up day on 3rd and man is sorting stuff from pile to put on tarp to move so area can be cleaned during normal Friday cleaning.

(Photo by Rick Swinger.) This is one of the diseases residents do not want to be exposed to.

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  1. rick swinger

    More BS from Mr. Bonin. The fact is the Watershed Environmental Protection Agency has not been on 3rd to high pressure steam cleaning for the last 5 weeks. They use to high pressure steam clean every Friday

  2. Billy Zanatakos

    Spring is in the air………..

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