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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 1 May 2017

Stewart Oscars

Whilst I was at Lloyd Tabor Library today, l learned that LA County Library provides free tickets to Southern CA museums and more to Library card holders 18 and older who can go online and reserve 2 free passes on first come basis. Sounds like a good program.
Visit Colapublib.org/DiscoverGo for details.

Mike Benvo

Apparently, someone went up and down Oxford Ave in Oxford Triangle and ruined some mirrors. They also hit on Howard and Dickson.  Dan Whalen of Thatcher has since added that they hit Thatcher.




Reta Moser

ImagineVenice.org, written by Marian Crostic and Elaine Spierer, states that

We need to mention our latest newcomer: Adidas is moving into the old Hal’s restaurant space… they announced their arrival on the front of the building with signs that proclaimed they will be “defining Venice.” Adidas heard the very loud cries of community outrage and quickly removed the signs. Not much more can be said about that huge display of corporate hubris – especially while authentically Venice-grungy Abbot’s Habit is in its final countdown to make room for the next new soulless shiny object.

Article in LA Weekly says HHH and H are aligned to help the homeless yet we have neighbors who say not in my backyard. Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing, said that education regarding putting it in our backyards is not as important as politicians showing citizens that these projects are going to enhance their communities.

Mayor Garcetti told KCRW. “The choice is whether the homeless people that are already in your neighborhood, will they be on the street, or will they be housed and helped?”

Note: A reader wanted to answer this article, since it was aimed at Venice.

Whoa Mayor! (We know you and the article are talking Venice with Becky Dennison and Mark Ryavec being quoted) … In answer to your question: The choice is whether the homeless people that are already in your neighborhood will be on the street, or will they be housed and helped?

1. Do you not realize that the CES (coordinated entry system) will be used and in the case of Venice it will be from the SPA 5? And the Spa system can be portable, meaning some from SPA1 may enter SPA 5. The most disabled, the longest homeless will be first. Venice has 869 (2016 count) homeless. Approximately how many of those homeless from Venice will be housed in the proposed projects? How many can you guarantee will be there. You must become aware of what your NIMBY constituents are saying. You really should listen. They know it will not decrease the homeless in Venice.

2. The head of the Pacific Division of LAPD said that 90 percent of homeless in Venice are transient. Regina Weller, LAPD chaplain, says 70 percent of these are substance abusers. Most of these have no intention of being housed. And these people are users and attract dealers. Yet, you allow them to hang in Venice.

…and let’s be equitable

1. CD11 goes from Pacific Palisades to LAX. Venice gets ALL the homeless projects? What other homeless project is being proposed for another CD11 area? In addition to the three homeless projects, the MTS system in coming up and how many homeless or affordable housing places will that accommodate. Because we have so many homeless, they have converted a senior center for storage of homeless possessions. The center borders residential on three sides and a school on the other. What kind of City plan is it to have drug and alcohol abusers trekking thru the residential neighborhoods and the school areas. That is not planning that is intentional community degradation.

2. Venice is about three miles square and is located at the beach. It is the second biggest tourist attraction in Los Angeles. Venice is 1 percent of the population; 6 percent of the LA income. In the summer, people who live in Venice have a hard time getting anywhere because of the traffic. Venice and Washington Blvd are the main service roads to the beach. There is also Rose Ave. People come from all over and use those three roads to get to the beach parking lots. There is no overload system and cars back up to Abbot Kinney on Venice Blvd. Washington Blvd is backed up too. It is not pleasant for beach visitors or residents.

3. There also is insufficient parking for residents on beach days and nonbeach days. The California Coastal Commission will not give preferential parking to residents west of Lincoln because Venice does not have sufficient parking. So it just gets worse. Other beach towns have protected their residents with preferential parking.

Now the two permanent supportive housing/affordable housing projects our councilman, you, the CEO selected for CD11 that are in Venice.

1. Both projects are less than 1000 feet from the water. You are asking tax payers to pay for people to live where the taxpayers can’t afford to live. People are searching their brains for reasons that these properties would not be sold and the proceeds be used to house many more in other areas. And yes, we have all heard that this must be spread around. Check it out, You are not spreading this around, not even within CD11.

2. Both projects should require CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). Both projects should require an environmental impact report. Just the traffic study alone should make city officials stand up and say stop. These studies should be done before one talks about what goes on the land … but!

Now let’s talk about the people in Venice.
Venice has the largest homeless population west of Skid Row. One would wager that Venetians have put up more money per capita for homeless than any other town in CD11. Residents are the ones who wake up with transients in their front yards. Some in their homes. Some in their beds. They are the ones who clean the alleys and streets of debris, feces and other things left over. They are the ones witnessing the drug deals and the drunks sleeping anywhere and everywhere. They are the ones explaining this to their children. They are the ones subjected to an increase in crime. They are the Wellers who use their pensions to find homes for the homeless. They are the ones who are faced with the crime … stolen items, home invasions, etc. It is a degrading way of life, unbecoming to what should be a Great City.

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  1. HB

    Abbots habit? It’s places like that that launched abbot Kinney into being the most “popular” street that it is! Letting all these corporate stores in actually defies what made it so popular in the first place. Shame on the building owners and heir shameful greed and exponential lease increases! When is enough money enough for these owners? Greed is rampant on abbot Kinney and someone should expose these property owners who care nothing for the original businesses the began the increase of abbot Kinney anyhow! It’s gross. I would like to know the names of these owners and their history of bloodsucking venice original business dry. lucky brand ( although corporate is worth mentioning as an example of less absurdities.) is closing because their 15k lease is expiring and wi become 60k a month ( figures obtained from a worker there)!! It is outrageous the percentage of increase these greedy inhuman building owners charge. Irresponsible inhumane greed. I will never shop in Adidas. Their signs alone show how out of step they are with Venice. God the audacity of those signs. It is sickening.

    • Nick Z

      I’ll be glad to see Lucky go, but landlords invest in real estate the way other people might buy a mutual fund. Would you be willing to cap your return on your retirement investments? Say 10%, so if you have a great year and make 20%, you will just give the extra 10% away? I’m guessing not….

    • Anonymous

      HB: You need to get a clue. Do you “cap” your returns on your own property or on your own pension or investments? Hell no. The same economic forces that employ you (assuming you have a job) benefit from the same forces that raise rents on Abbot Kinney. This is not France. There is no ministry of culture. It’s called capitalism. Keep whining or just leave Venice please. Venice is where Santa Monica was about 15-20 years ago with how it manages homelessness and other problems. I welcome the corporations coming into Venice (Snap) and to Abbot Kinney. Why? Because money is the only thing that cleans up communities. Good riddance to the transients. They should go try to “occupy” Rodeo drive or Beverly Hills or Malibu or Manhattan Beach – yeah, good luck with that. Soon Venice will join the ranks or no longer being a shithole for losers that don’t work, don’t have jobs and want to just spout this BS about greed.

      • Anonymous

        Councilperson Bonin apparently has the same “screw the residents” attitude that was rampant among the 70% renters elected some uber-liberal Santa Monica officials and rentals controlled by SMMR (Santa Monicans for Renters Rights)that were put in place to “help the poor” with the only outcome being the mass migration of homeless to SM and a total degradation of the rental property there. Some more recent buyers just walked away from their buildings as they were operating at a loss, and tenants were suing for everything possible to avoid even paying their low rents, for at least while the cases were being heard. SM looked dirty and broken and the SMMR people liked it that way. While this might not happen in Venice, if the attitude continues it will start to affect property values as much as it is presently affecting the quality of life. Social engineering DOES NOT WORK. Now we got nonprofit developers building a primarily commercial project where there should be a multi-story parking lot and plans to build more “affordable” housing all over Venice that will do nothing about the RV, street or beach camping situation, with no plans other than finding “safe places” IN VENICE to accommodate this ever-growing population. LIKE IT OR MOVE!!!

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