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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Townhall Held and Questions Answered and Duties Explained

Venice Neighborhood Council public safety townhall and forum held Thursday at Animo Charter high school brought together several city department representatives to explain their duties and to answer questions from the audience.

Seated are Chief of the West Bureau, Captain of the Pacific Division patrol, representative from 311, and speaking is the representative from Parking Enforcement.

The representative from 311 stated that there were 4.5 million calls made to 311 yearly and only about 30 percent were real emergencies. One should remember she said that there are three reasons to call 911. One is preservation of life, two is prevention of a crime, and three is a crime in progress.

Chief of the West Bureau made the statement that a system was in the making to report crimes on line, the noninvasive ones. Right now all crimes, even stolen packages, have to be reported at the Pacific Division office on Culver Blvd. Few people will stand in line to report anything, other than an encounter or break-in. This should present a truer picture of the crime involved in an area, and perhaps, a solution could be forthcoming.

Seated are Head of Detectives, Representative from Bureau of Sanitation, neighborhood attorney from City Attorney’s office and standing is master of ceremonies Ron Kadota, former civilian chair of community police advisory board.

Not shown was the officer in charge of policing at the Venice Beach. He said he had 32 officers and 20 extra from other areas during the summer.

Sanitation answered oft asked question regarding days off for trash pickup. There are four days: Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Holidays have to fall on trash pickup day. Bulky item removal was explained to a questioner that bulky items are picked up the same day of the trash pickup and should be put out after 6 am to prevent people removing items.

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