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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Who’s that sleeping in my bed?

Who’s that sleeping in my bed? … as the tale goes. Well, builder Kim Gordon found out Monday morning that it was an uninvited homeless man.

Three calls to 911 and 40 minutes later, homeless man was awakened by the LAPD boys in blue and removed from one of Kim Gordon’s almost completed properties just east of Lincoln Blvd.

The homeless man chained his bike to the fence, got inside the house, and had a great weekend. He found the keys to a car parked in garage and drove around town. Car had a small dent as a result of the excursion.

“He had various electronic devices plugged into the wall next to the bed and a pile of my books too,” according to Gordon explaining what she called a “bizarre” tale. “He took showers in the master shower with his own soap. There was a pizza and soda in the refrigerator.

“His shoes were neatly placed at the front door and he did some laundry.

“He went through my boxes and we are not sure what he stole. A chandelier that had been delivered on Friday was taken out of the box and placed by the door. We are assuming he was going to sell it.

“When the police finally arrived and they took him out of the house, he kept telling everyone it was his house. “

The police said they were late because they were dealing with two different domestic violence cases in the morning and that was more of a priority.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nick, I have been expecting this type of thinking since Sarah Palin mentioned “Death panels” during the election where Mr. Obama was offering a new health care plan. When the government starts looking for money, they will find that a lot of it is held by seniors or seniors-soon-to-be. What you are suggesting is that people who have planned and often did without to construct their lives-in-retirement, are being asked to move and change their lives to make room for others or save someone else’s taxes. How is that fair? On the other hand, is Bonin and his merry band of social engineers working to make Venice so crowded, dirty, yet expensive and gridlocked, that long-time residents ELECT to leave? I can’t figure it out, but this is the way things are working out.
    It is sad that the people of Venice are being forced to atone for the world-wide sins of overpopulation, computer-based automation and the internet (that cost people jobs, as well as the dignity of purpose, an oil-based economy and corporate capitalism-gone-wild.

    • Jack Herman

      Long-time residents of Venice are leaving because they’re getting big dollars for their land. And that is the only reason they’re leaving.

      • reta

        You are wrong. That is not the only reason. They see the way Santa Monica is run, Manhattan Beach is run to name a few. They want law and order, clean streets too.

    • Anonymous

      What a joke statement: “The sins of overpopulation.” Unless you are willing to eliminate yourself or others, you’re just stating the obvious. Yes, the population increases and yes, folks move to desirable areas (like Venice Beach) and things change. That’s the evolution of America and communities. Money always wins, and whining folks (that don’t contribute anything) always lose. Goodbye. Venice is in transition. It won’t become Manhattan Beach overnight, over even in the next 10 years. BUT IT WILL GENTRIFY and clean itself up. Face facts.

  2. Jack Herman

    I’m assuming he was arrested right ? The police didn’t just him go, did they ?

    • reta

      Don’t know. They walked him out.

      • Anonymous

        LAPD are a joke. They don’t keep us safe (as evidenced by the recent burglary stats in Pac Division). And all they ever do is make suggestions that the residents take on MORE of the responsibilities of the police!!

        They tell us to buy security systems, install cameras, never open a window, install lights and alarms, etc. HOW ABOUT THEY DO THEIR JOB and patrol our neighborhood, and arrest violent transients and actually respond to our calls. It’s an unwritten rule at LAPD for Venice – they only respond quickly if its a rape, murder, use of deadly weapon IN PROGRESS or a burglary (while you are home) IN PROGRESS. That’s it. Property crimes are they call are not their domain. They do nothing. It’s the wild west and we are on our own against these meth heads and criminals.

        • Nick Z

          If you want more police, you have to pay for them. Let’s start by stopping the subsidy of older millionaire property owners by getting rid of Prop 13.

          • reta

            Think this through. How about the senior citizens who wouldn’t be able to afford the taxes. Would they be on the street, homeless. Would they sell to the terrible, gentrifying developers.

        • Billy Zanatakos

          Have you tried sending an email to councilman Bonin?

          • Nick Z

            They can sell the house, bank the $1M and rent a place at $3k/month (or buy a house between the eastern edge of California and the western edge of New Jersey for ~$300k). If Social Security covers the rest of their non-house expenses, and even assuming they make a 0% return on their investment, the $1M will cover rent for 28 years. At a 3% rate of return (think munis and treasuries – super safe), the $1M will cover rent for 100 years….

          • reta

            And the profit after the taxes is what? And the loss of their friends, family, way of life.

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