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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Boat Slips Being Removed in Marina

Jon Nahhas, of the Boating Coalition, wrote Dayna Bochco, Chair of the California Coastal Commission, the following regarding the loss of slips for boaters. No response has been reported. The Marina, which is undergoing large developments and redevelopments, is loosing boat slips according to Jon Nahhas.

On Friday, April 14, 2017, I notified you and Commission Staff about the massive number of recreational boating slips in the Marina del Rey Harbor that are currently offline due to redevelopment. In fact, there are more slips that have been closed than I reported to you on Friday. Neptune Marina (Parcel 10) has shut down their docks and all of their slips are currently offline. Along with Bar Harbor (Parcel 15) and Pier 44 (Parcel 44) Marinas which are also completely closed, that represents 184, 215, and 232 unusable slips, respectively. In total, 631 boat slips in Marina del Rey that were once rented and even at the 4% vacancy rate (Commission Staff Report attached) 606 boating families relocated somewhere. Again, our community was promised that the redevelopment of the recreational boat slips would be done responsibly, one marina at a time, as not to create chaos and boats having to travel up and down the coast for a slip. Furthermore, Commission Staff assured us that the redevelopment of each marina would be done in phases and a displacement plan managed by the Executive Director of the Commission. It seems that all of the assurances have been broken.

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