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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Sewer System–Dual Force–Construction to Start 24 April

The City sewer line construction–Venice Dual Force Main Project–will start 24 April and continue until the end of June. The completion for the complete system that goes under the channel and Ballona creek and connects in Playa del Rey for service to Hyperion Plant in El Segundo will take until the summer of 2020.

The present system, built in the fifties, will remain in use and be parallel to the new system. The old system was 48 inches wide and the new system will be 54 inches. It will be possible to use either or both systems when finished. The project will also replace backup generators at the Venice Plant.

The purpose for the new line is to increase sewage capacity, create pipeline redundancy, and allow for maintenance of the system.

Venice Pumping System at Hurricane Street on the Peninsula.


Construction will start at the pumping station, cross the Grand Canal, travel east to Marquesas Way, and then travel south along Via Marina before crossing the Marina and Ballona Creek channels to meet an existing Coastal Interceptor Sewer on Vista del Mar near Waterview Street.

Below are some answers to questions people might have.sewerinfo.

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