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Make Venice Better, Join a Committee, Get Involved

A commenter made a derogatory remark at the Venice Neighborhood Council Board meeting last Tuesday regarding the “big bucks” the members of the board make.

That statement filled the room with a muted chuckle. The members of the board make nothing. They are members, leaders is a better word, of the community who put their time and ingenuity to practice to make Venice a better place. Most of the members have jobs and resumes that would make a commenter of “Big Bucks” plush.

Venice Neighborhood Council is the most active of the City’s ninety plus councils. Looking at the professions, education, and backgrounds of these board members, one realizes that this is a “unique” pool of talent devoted to Venice.

Below is a list of the committees available for participants who would like to contribute time and talent to help make Venice better. Of course, there is no “big bucks” to any of these jobs.


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