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Motor Homes are Moving West to Venice Since LAMC 85.02

Although certainly not the intention of the City to invite motor homes to Venice, it has been the result. The motor home dwellers looked at LAMC 85.02 and said “Ahha the City is inviting us to the beach” and to the beach they have been coming, making a mockery of LAMC 85.02 that was written to protect them and residents.

Venetians, not use to motor home dwellers, have been incensed with people pulling up to their front door with these large, looming vehicles. Most of these new dwellers are parking and disobeying the law by dwelling in the vehicle intentionally. And they are doing this much to the chagrin of Venetians. It is catch me if you can, and if you do, so what?

It has made Venetians ask many questions regarding this new influx of motor homes. Can a motor home park in front of my house? What is the law regarding such? Can I put up a sign and keep motor homes out? What if there is no sign, can I get them out? Who do I call?  Hopefully, this article will answer these questions.

Can a motor home park in front of my house?
Yes, a motor home can park in front of your house in Venice.

What is the law regarding motor home parking?
There are two laws restricting motor homes. Both laws can be used at the same time.


One law–Ordinance 181413, which is only for Venice west of Lincoln, governs signs being put on a block to restrict oversized vehicles from parking 2 am to 6 am without a one-day permit (One day permit will not be discussed). To get sign, one needs a petition with 66 percent of the block signatures. Sign is on a block-by-block basis. With these signs the parking of oversize vehicles, defined as motor vehicles “in excess of 22 feet in length or over 84 inches in height, is prohibited from 2 am until 6 am. Contact Taylor Bazley at Taylor.Bazley@lacity.org for petition.       map_edited-1

The other law is LAMC 85.02 which the Venice Update has been writing about for months now. It is the law with the red, yellow and green areas throughout Venice. It will sunset in July of 2018. Its purpose is to place motor homes in Venice without causing a problem until such time as safe places for motor homes can be found in church parking lots, in commercial or industrial areas. If you are in the red, yellow, or green zones, and you are, motor homes can park in front of your home.

In the red, they can park but never dwell in vehicle.

In the yellow, they can park but cannot dwell in vehicle from 9 pm to 6 am.

In the green, they can park and dwell.

Note that all present restrictive parking signs apply to all vehicles and streets. Example: If sign says 2-hour parking, that means two hours no matter what the color of the area, or the type of vehicle.

Can you put up a sign and keep motor homes out?
Yes, You can have all the signs you want in the red, yellow, or green areas. The sign that will restrict motor homes and not you is the 18143 sign that was discussed earlier. It allows motor homes to park but not between the hours of 2 and 6 am.

What if there is no sign, can a resident get violators out?
Yes, call the LAPD. Parking enforcement does not enforce 85.02. LAPD carries guns; parking enforcement does not. Think about the guy knocking on the door and who is behind the door. That is why LAPD does the enforcement.

Whom do I call?
If you have a 181413 sign or any other type of restrictive sign, call parking enforcement. If you have only the 85.02 one, call LAPD. Realize LAPD does not consider this high priority.

In one neighborhood a trailer with a car towing it was parked in red for almost two weeks, police came and according to the vehicle owner “I went ahead and moved my trailer even though the police (who’s time was repeatedly wasted) allowed me more time. Don’t want to cause anyone cardiac distress.”

After completely violating the law and being told, he moved to the yellow and has been there since. One cannot stay in vehicle from 9 pm to 6 am in yellow. Now in the yellow, one person left vehicle at 10 am to walk the dog the second morning.

The Oxford Triangle has five motor homes in it right now, which is most unusual. One is a resident of Jefferson Marina and has not purchased off street parking for his motor home. One is a fellow parked in two-hour parking. He got a ticket so he raised the hood which means he cannot move the vehicle. What that entails, is unknown. He has not moved since he settled in, raised the hood, and took his bikes off the rack.


Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous

    Screw these RV dwellers. They scumbags that want free beachfront property. Off with their heads. Money always wins and Venice WILL be free of all this mayhem within 5 years. Sorry, guys – “The Bums LOST.” – Big Lebowski

  2. John mc manamy

    Who ever wrote this article is misinformed.
    The ordinance does not allow in red zones any vehicle to park that is a vehicle which exhibits items associated with camping. That would include a car with a sleeping bag visible.
    Call LAPD if any vehicle which fits this description and have the owner ticketed.
    The weakness in the ordinance is that the driver is ticketed not the vehicle.

    • reta

      You can park as you normally would with sign restrictions but you cannot dwell and LAMC 85.02 tells you where you cannot “dwell” which means live/sleep in vehicle. Westminster park and elementary school is a red zone and one can park but not dwell. To stop the parking there, because enforcement is not good, they got the oversized vehicle signs. Check out the link or Google LAMC 85.02.

      Use of Vehicles for Dwelling Restricted on City Streets. No person
      shall use a Vehicle for Dwelling as follows:

      1. Between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. on any Residential
      Street; or
      2. At any time within a one Block radius of any edge of a lot containing
      a park or a licensed school, pre-school or daycare facility.

      Nothing herein precludes the enforcement of any other laws such as parking restrictions
      including, but not limited to, prohibitions on overnight parking.

      Hope this answers you. It does get confusing.

    • Jack Herman

      What a sad pointless life you must be living if you think that somebody who has a sleeping bag in their car deserves a ticket. Shame on you.

  3. Nick Z

    Raising the hood should not protect him more than a couple hours. State law (not just City) prohibits non-functional vehicles from being on public roads, parked or not. I’m not sure who enforces that however.

  4. Anonymous

    Screw you Jack! Your time is coming. This happened years ago and was dealt with. It is about reaching critical mass again. How long do you jerks think that you can flip off residents and get away with it? People parking in front of my house got 400 watts of Wagner’s Die Walkure blasted at them at night until they moved, and the neighbors, while disturbed, got a good laugh about it when they heard why. Even the LAPD laughed when the RV people called and complained that we were disturbing the peace. Entitled bastards

  5. Jack Herman

    Oh the horror !

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