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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Declaration of Crisis” Means City Can Place Homeless Shelters Anywhere City Wants Other Than Residential

Saturday’s Los Angeles Times had article stating that Councilmen Mike Bonin and Jose Huizar want to extend the recently expired declaration of winter shelter crisis to the full year in order to keep shelters open year round rather than just the winter months.  This will go to the Homeless Committee before the full City Council.  

This year all shelters stayed open an additional month because of the rain.  This motion does not just open shelters year round but the “declaration of a crisis” would:

 1)  allow shelters to be opened as a matter of right on property owned or leased by the City in any zone (not residential) without regard to the number of beds or people served.

2) identify specific zones in commercial and industrial (not residential) areas where shelters could be opened by right on non-government land

The shelter that Venice uses is in SPA 5 called First to Serve  and is located at the West LA National Guard Armory, 1300 Federal Ave.   It has a capacity for 160 beds.  Note that the chart for this shelter shows it had  an average of 71 percent occupancy during the four months from December to end of March.  There were only seven days when shelter was operated over capacity.

This year all the shelters extended their closing time to 31 March because of the rain. Normally, the winter shelters in Los Angeles are open from 1 December to 1 March, 7 days a week from 5 pm to 7 am.  Shelters are strict about the hours. There are bus pickup points throughout Los Angeles for people to go to the shelters and people may walk in but they must abide by the hours listed.  Buses also return people to the pickup point.

Occupants are allowed to take a shower and have an evening meal and a snack in the morning as well as be given hygiene and self-care kits.  They are provided with TB screening/testing,  have access to case management, resource referral and connection to other services.

The chart below is taken the LAHSA public information regarding the winter shelters.  See https://public.tableau.com/views/2016-2017WSPOccupancyDashboard/WSPOccupancy?:embed=y&:loadOrderID=0&:display_count=yes for further definition.


Comments (5)

  1. Billy Zanatakos

    Coming soon Ocean Front Walk shelter. For those worried, the shelter will be 100 percent occupied.

    • Nick Z

      Where are they going to put it? I wasn’t aware the city owned any buildings on OFW and the storage facility at the senior center is in limbo after massive community pushback.

      • Jack Herman

        The residents being opposed to the storage is why the new ordinance regarding homeless people’s stuff on the sidewalk will never be enforced. And that of course is exactly how you guys want it. You all need to have something to complain about and if the city were to provide storage units for homeless people to put their stuff then you wouldn’t have anything to complain about. And we couldn’t have that now, could we ?

        • Nick Z

          I think if Bonin could say with certainty that once the storage was built, the City could clean-up the streets, people would be all for it. However, he never said that and when asked could not commit. VCHC runs a storage facility at the beach already and that didn’t allow the City to clean up the streets, so why should people believe the Westminster storage would? Skid row has tons of storage and all it’s done is reinforce the street community down there and again, the City can’t clean up what is obviously garbage and hording behavior.

    • Nick Antonicello

      Why don’t we just build a hotel for the homeless on the beach? Yes, let’s use prime real estate for drug addicted, insane, unemployable and total dregs of society and just continue to enable them with oceanfront views? How about we build a pool too courtesy of taxpayers. People who work for a living and play by the rules? Watched another insane homeless individual spit and cure at the cops for no apparent reason. It took four cops to restrain this person with a helicopter hovering over head as disturbed and visually-shaken tourists looked on in fear. Do we want to scare away every tourist who just wants to enjoy the beach? It was disturbing to watch onlookers with smart phones filming this incident with the hope the LAPD would do something wrong or over zealous which was not the case. Yes, let’s just have the inmates run the asylum known as Venice Beach. #Vexit

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