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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAMC 85.02 needs to be enforced, or better yet, get oversize vehicle signs




Red is no living/sleeping (dwelling) in vehicle.

Yellow is no living/sleeping (dwelling) in vehicle between 9 pm and 6 am.

Green is  live/sleep (dwell) in vehicle.

All posted signs still apply.

This writer misinterpreted the law.   The code stated “red–no vehicle dwelling anytime.” That was interpreted to mean the vehicle could not park or dwell there.  Wrong.  They can park there but they cannot live/sleep in vehicle.

This is why all neighborhoods, and Venice in general, are having an influx of motor homes.  It’s free parking at the beach! Red zones you can park all day and no one is enforcing the sleeping/living.  Green zones are carte blanche as it is, and the yellow zones are once again subject to enforcement.


This trailer belongs to a Jefferson-Marina apartment visitor and the couple is  living in it.  It is in the red zone. Neighbors across the street have knocked on door to explain the law and the response is that street is not marked as such.


Javier Rameriz, senior lead officer, has been notified and says he will keep an eye open.  Meantime, the family has lived in vehicle each night for a week.  Neighbors are doing petition for signs.  Enough is enough.

The big solution is to get the oversized vehicle sign posted on your block.  Sign says:


Petition says “OR” but this sign says “AND”.  Is this an error or has someone changed the ordinance? It makes a big difference!  A really big difference!

Contact Taylor Bazley at taylor.bazley@lacity.org for the petition.  Get 66 percent of the signatures of people on the street.

Police can just write a ticket for those under the signs. Police do not have to look in vehicle or knock on door.  In fact parking enforcement could handle this.


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  1. Adam G

    Hey folks! Just wanted to say thank you for the lime light. If you’re curious, we are visiting LA to see Family. We have traveled coast to coast in our obviously visually intrusive vehicle, hitting most of the major cities across the southern half of the country. Never once until arriving in LA have we had our temporary neighbors try to beat in our doors, nor have we had the police show up multiple times on the account of repeated harassment by the locals.

    You should take a moment out of your obviously busy day writing half-informed articles for fellow nimbyists and have some compassion for your fellow man. Come by and say hello maybe, if we are around, we don’t bite. There’s no reason to verbally harass someone you don’t know. We’re just normal folks who happen to have a trailer with them.

    Alternatively, I’m glad that we could be the flag bearers for your personal agenda. It really is difficult to always have something to complain about isn’t it?

    • Good grief

      When the police showed up didn’t they give you a ticket? Didn’t they tell you it was illegal and show you where it was legal? The neighbors explained to you it was illegal. The story you replied to explained that you are breaking LAMC 85.02. Read the story. Search the law on this web site. Why don’t you obey the law? Do you have a particular reason you feel it unnecessary to obey the laws where you visit? Why don’t you ask your folks where it is legal or get them to put you on their property. Do the right, legal thing. It is all pretty simple.

    • Jack Herman

      Dude you’re lucky one of the vigilantes here didn’t set your RV on fire ! People are nuts in this town.

      • Nick Z

        What’s nuts about this town is that we let people take garbage out of dumpsters, put it on public property and claim it as a “belonging” and then the City can’t clean it up even though it was literally in a city dumpster/trash container mere hours before.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting spin, presenting the victims as culprits – – Jack Herman said: “Dude you’re lucky one of the vigilantes here didn’t set your RV on fire!”

      • Adam G

        I find myself lucky that I’m not stuck with terrible neighbors who only speak to each other through semi-anonymous online newsletters.

        I went ahead and moved my trailer even though the police (who’s time was repeatedly wasted) allowed me more time. Don’t want to cause anyone cardiac distress.

        • Good grief

          It would have been nice had the police explained to you that this area is off limits for staying in your vehicle period. This is not a free motor home, recreational vehicle, trailer park. You are now, once again, violating LAMC 85.02. You cannot stay in vehicle from 9 pm to 6 am where you are and which you are doing. It is clear you are violating the law. Get your family to chip in for some coins so you can park in a motor home park. It is obvious you can read and write. Time to move on.

          • Adam G

            I appreciate your devotion to your cause. I hope the rest of your life is the cause of your agression and not just your hobby neighborhood watch. Hobbies are meant to be fun.

            Had your surveillance been tighter you would know that I only stayed in the vehicle one night and the rest of the time I was with my family. I follow all posted instruction and the information provided to me by the police.

            If you’re so worried about my location than you can go ahead and leave me some ‘coins’ and I’ll take full advantage of nearby facilities. Just to make peace in your mind.

        • Anonymous

          But you are not a neighbor, you are a scofflaw interloper from somewhere else. Adam G said: “I find myself lucky that I’m not stuck with terrible neighbors who only speak to each other through semi-anonymous online newsletters.”

        • Billy Zanatakos

          Welcome Adam G. Just pitch a tent outside the RV between 9 pm and 6 am to be legal. The tent will help you establish where you sleep. The law doesn’t specify how many hours you have to spend in the tent. I think you get my drift. Good luck and enjoy Venice.

          • Adam G

            Thank you for the kind words Billy.

            Unfortunately, I won’t be in town much longer to take advantage of your advice, as much as it pains me to leave any feathers left unruffled.

            You see, I have other areas across our country to interlope before settling down in one place. Maybe Venice would make a nice landing pad, now that I have been properly informed of all of the parking regulations and enforcement details.

            I hope you all have wonderful lives; never forget to appreciate that you live in paradise. Take some time to step back from your daily grind and ga in some perspective on your reality.

  2. Billy Zanatakos

    Very simple solution for the RV dwellers is move on to the sidewalk to be legal. It is not illegal to sleep on the sidewalk between 9am and 6am. Then they can re-enter the RV to make things nice and legal.

    • Nick Z

      That’s why the no oversized vehicle parking signs are so important. It doesn’t matter if anyone is in them or not. Just being parked between 2-6am is illegal and the ticket goes on the vehicle not to the person. Repeat violators can then be towed.

    • Anonymous

      Billy Boy – You are now morphing from a somewhat humorous antagonistic jackass troll to a complete confrontational asshole – You seem to get some sort of joy from verbally beating up on residents. What is the point? Has this become your hobby? People here are looking for logical and realistic solutions, not the edification of having their neighborhood as a National Treasure homeless destination – SACRED COWS!!!

  3. john mc manamy

    According to the Ordinance, within a red zone, no vehicle may park that is considered a dwelling unit. Defined as
    “Possessing inside or on a vehicle items that are not associated with ordinary vehicle use, such as a sleeping bag, bedroll, blanket, sheet, pillow, kitchen utensils, cookware, cooking equipment, bodily fluids. Obscuring some or all of the vehicle’s windows. Preparing or cooking meals inside or on a vehicle. Sleeping inside a vehicle.”
    NO RVs in red zones, period.

    • reta

      85.02 says:
      Use of “Vehicles for Dwelling” Restricted on City Streets. No person
      shall use a Vehicle for Dwelling as follows:

      Between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. on any Residential
      Street; or
      At any time within a one Block radius of any edge of a lot containing
      a park or a licensed school, pre-school or daycare facility.

      Red are parks or schools and it says USE of vehicles for dwellings. I went the same way as you.

    • Nick Z

      John, the issue is enforcement. The vehicle dwelling ordinance (85.02) requires a ticket be written to a person, not a vehicle. So even if the windows are covered and clearly someone is living there, they have to come to the door when the cops knock or have to be caught “in the act”. The police are not going to kick in RV doors over this ordinance. Word was out almost immediately in the RV community that all you have to do is not answer the door and you don’t get a ticket. It’s not fault of the police, it’s a flaw in the ordinance.
      That’s why we still need the OVO signs as they prohibit parking an RV overnight and police can ticket regardless of whether someone is there or answers the door. The OVO ordinance does not address people sleeping in vans, which are too small to count and can also block out windows and avoid the 85.02 ticket too. Best advice is that you need to work with neighbors and police to target trouble making RVs or vehicle dwellers by repeatedly reporting them. Multiple people complaining day after day about the same spot will show up on the map and more likely the police will do more than a half-hearted effort to address the problem.


        You’re so correct. My neighbors and I have targeted RVs with the help of Patrol Officers who have given us their cell phone numbers.
        When we see the RV dweller around their RV we call and have been very successful at getting them cited.
        Also we get OVO signs where ever possible.
        We’re also hard at work moving campers from our neighborhood. Not an arm chair ordinance-we have to be willing to work to get rid of these losers as well as grafitti.

  4. Lee

    At the very least we need signs in the red zones, and they need to include no oversized parking.

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