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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Graffiti Runs Rampant in Venice

Fence on Wavecrest. (Photo by anonymous.)

Starry Night mural on Ocean Front Walk. (Photo by anonymous.)

Give them a graffiti park and they will destroy private property, murals, you name it. Perhaps, it is time to remove the graffiti park on Venice Beach. Last week it was the Vietnam POW memorial on Pacific.

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  1. Anonymous

    This graffiti looks like class war BS…. Welcome to the front lines. Remember, Venice now has to be taken back by the “people.” Ever heard that old saying, “If walls could talk?” These are screaming. But I still do not understand the attacks on the Viet Nam Memorial wall. Oh, Oh, I forgot, If you don’t like it, move to Manhattan Beach with the rest of the white people.

  2. John Mc Manamy

    Went to Boardwalk subcommittee meeting in January and informed them that no one is any longer in charge of the graffiti wall as the old group couldn’t provide insurance coverage. The committee didn’t appear troubled that no one was in charge of the wall.
    So there you have it the subcommittee of the VNC charged with overseeing the Wall doesn’t care-they seemed more concerned about Snap security guards being disrespectful. Outrageous!

  3. Stewart

    Sad. The Police will investigate tagging damage if the property owner or representative files a complaint. Probanly the most efficient way to file would be to contact your Senior Lead Officer. OFW area is Peggy Thusing, 310-622-4968, 25120@lapd.online. Oakwood area is Kristan Delatori, 310-622-3970, 32914@lapd.online. Presidents Row and neighboring areas is Javier Ramirez, 310-622-3971, 39174@lapd.online.
    Also send photos and details of tagging to Pacific Division Gang Detail,

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