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Snapchat Discussed, VNC BBQ Cancelled, Oxford Triangle Resolution Rescinded … VNC Meet


Residents of Oxford Triangle wait their turn to speak regarding the Oxford Triangle resolution they wanted rescinded.

By Angela Mcgregor,

Snapchat’s impact on the Venice community was discussed at Tuesday’s VNC Meeting. Community Officer Colleen Saro discussed her meeting with Snap, Inc. representatives, in which she expressed many of the community’s concerns — mainly about the Snap Security Squad and their apparent hostility toward tourists and transients alike. According to Snap, the security detail was hired to protect their employees, who have had incidents of harassment with the homeless as they make their way from one Snap location to another. Company reps pointed up Snap’s numerous, charitable contributions to the community, including coding classes at St. Joseph’s, showers at Safe Place for Youth, and a variety of projects at Venice’s elementary schools. Ms. Saro invited representatives from Snap to attend an upcoming VNC meeting, in order to address community concerns, but they refused (for now).

Various residents followed up her presentation with their own commentary about Snap, including the news that the Venice Freak Show on Ocean Front Walk will be closing in May due to Snap’s taking over their lease.

Both LUPC Consent Calendar items — a demolition/new build at 2334 Cloy and a demolition/new 2 unit condo build at 656 California, were approved.

VNC Board President Ira Koslow announced that there will be no Venice Community Barbecue in 2017. After 10 years of organizing the event, the organizers are simply “worn out”, he stated. It should be noted that a component of the Venice community called for a boycott of the BBQ last year after what they stated were “micro aggressive comments” made by the organizers at a VNC meeting (see: http://savevenice.me/boycott-venice-nc-bbq. Despite that, the 2016 event was a success and the BBQ will be missed.

Koslow also announced that the selection of a new Board member to fill a seat on the Board left vacant by the resignation of Erin Darling would be postponed until the April meeting, due to an incorrect date being posted on the nomination form.

Finally, a motion passed last month regarding development at the Thatcher Maintenance Yard in the Oxford Triangle was rescinded. At the February 21st meeting, a motion was presented calling for the VNC Board to support only R-1 (single family) housing there; this motion was amended to replace “R-1″ with “multi-family”, thereby reversing the original intent of the motion. Many of the dozen or so Triangle residents speaking in favor of motion to rescind pointed out that amending a motion in order to reverse its original intent appeared to be a violation of Robert’s Rules of Order.   The motion to rescind passed the board 13-0-1.

The May 2017 VNC Board meeting will be held on the third Wednesday in May, rather than the third Tuesday, due to a conflict with a local election.


Comments (6)

  1. Nick Z

    Unfortunate about the BBQ, but I get it. I think it was in part due to that gross over-reaction to a perceived slight and total ingratitude of a small group of very vocal people who threw it under the bus to make a broader point, but probably also that it’s a huge undertaking for volunteers to do something that takes months to plan, lasts 5 hours, and then you have to clean-up. Maybe it will get reborn in a few years.

    • Jack Herman

      More likely it was cancelled because the gentry who took over the VNC don’t want to actually get to know any of the people who have lived here before them. Plus, some of the homeless show up for this event too and we all know the newcomers don’t consider any of the homeless to be actual members of the community.

      • Nick Z

        The BBQ was not started by the VNC, it was started by a group of Oakwood Park neighbors ten years ago as a way to bring the community together after a series of shootings at the park. They badgered the VNC to chip in and help pay for it. People like you, Jack, want to sow seeds of mistrust and resentment in the neighborhood. I understand why you are happy the BBQ was canceled, it helps serve your narrative.

        • Anonymous

          Right on Nick Z – There are a number of people who want to make Venice the poster child of the present plans to cultivate a class war using the political stature of any “Occupy Venice” movement to mask their anarchy-based, “eat the rich” attitudes of making the homeowners and businesses pay for the misdeeds and manipulations of people who live nowhere near Venice. Since those people are realistically not approachable, we are the next best thing – expect a lot more of this, especially since the “poor” (overaged children with substance abuse problems) have been championed by Mike Bonin and others in City government who are happy Mike has taken the ball and is running with it. Film at 11:00.

        • reta

          Yes, it was started by VNC as an outreach activity. I asked Linda Lucks about it because it was about her time of tenure. The holiday toy drive is another outreach activity. Linda said both activities take a lot of people power and leadership. The VNC BBQ was the highest budgeted event each year.

          Venetians don’t realize how much the VNC contributes both in bucks and volunteer time to make it all happen. These people have other jobs as well.

          Maybe a thank you would be nice.

  2. Mark Herd

    Angela is an incredible asset to the community. I remember taking her to her first VNC meeting after purchasing her amazing home in the triangle. Keep up the great work!

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