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Where did the council seat votes come from In Venice?

Election Mar 3, 2017_edited-1

By Darryl DuFay

Note:  Darryl DuFay did this meticulous vote-by-precinct breakdown and map to give Venice voters an opportunity to see what precincts voted for which candidate and to show the total turnout.

The election for CD11 Council Seat was held 7 March. Running for the seat were incumbent Mike Bonin and Venice activists Robin Rudisill and Mark Ryavec.

If you do not know your precinct, go to LA Vote.  Type in your house number and street name (do not include Ave., St, or Blvd).  and submit. See your precinct number near bottom of  page and then  view your precinct boundaries by selecting “View Election Precinct Map and Adjacent area” next to the Precinct Number.  Note that precinct 9002394A, shown on the map as “M,” reaches beyond Venice into the Del Rey area.  Precinct “S “has similar characteristics.


A    9001938A            46                  48                  116

B     9005388A           28                  50                   83

C     9001542A           49                  33                   67

D     9003235A           34                  27                   82

E     9001546B           42                 22                   59

F     9002388B            33                  32                 56

G    9003201A            64                  60                  72

H     9001547A            44                  36                163

I      9002863A            54                  66                107

J      9002389A            76               108                 161

K     9005936A            47                  49                 151

L     9001874A            16                 107                   57

M    9002394A            26                  40                  71

N     9001884A            30                  31                  63

O    9000561A            41                   41                   116

P     9001549A            30                 38                   112

Q    9001554A            73                  70                   241

R    9003202A            43                  24                  163

S     9005634A            17                  25                    92


Totals                  793/ 21%     907 / 24%   2,032 / 55%





Comments (5)

  1. Heather

    what Bonin should pay attent to is that nearly 50% of the voters DID NOT vote for him. Had he been running only against Mark or Robin, it could have been anyone’s victory.
    combine Robin & Rayveks votes, and Bonin would be remiss not to notice how many people DID bot vote for him. Roughly 2000 did, and roughly 1800 did not. That means a significant portion of residents are NOT in favor of his plans to move forward with projects without listening to constituent voices. I would ne be celebrating nor think my people were happy if nearly 50 percent of them DID not vote for me….I would very much like to think Bonin would notice and take heed, but I know that will not happen. He has no interest in us whatsoever, unless we are at a ballot box

    • Jack Herman

      None of Robin’s supporters would have voted for Mark Ryavec if the race had just been between him and Bonin. If she had not been in the race Mike Bonin’s numbers would have just been higher.

  2. Jack Herman

    Yes, the people of Venice voted to house the homeless, not harass and arrest them. People like you are the minority in this town. And you always will be.

  3. Jack Herman

    So basically the only place where Mark Ryavec came even a little bit close to getting as many votes as Mike Bonin was on his own street. LOL. Even over by 3rd and Rose Bonin beat him by a 2 to 1 margin. So when are we going to hear his concession speech ?

    • Anonymous

      So Jack, what you are saying here is that the people of Venice are completely down with the concept of filling the streets of Venice with homeless and homeless services and building units all over town for low income people because the residents are so willing to share with the less fortunate? Is that what you believe? Still campaigning after the election? Yep, the people of Venice voted overwhelmingly to degrade their quality of lives in order to maintain their liberal licenses. Sacred cows.

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