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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Avenue Last Thursday

Third Ave has changed some.  There are fewer inhabitants.  Those there were mainly Blacks and women.  Many have moved to Rose between 3rd and 4th. When asked why fewer people, Update was told the police had been there.  No one provided a  reasonable explanation for what “lack of people” had to do with police having been there.

Lava Mae continues to provide showers one day a week for the homeless.  They set up on 3rd Ave early  on Thursday mornings and provide about 21 showers in the three to four hours they are there.   It used to be Fridays but Fridays the Sanitation department comes and picks up trash and sanitizes the needed areas. One fellow said the showers were great and that he would be back. It was his first shower at Lava Mae.  He had been taking a shower at St. Joseph’s but he liked Lava Mae more because “they had water pressure,” he said.

lava mae



The property behind the fence is where the owner set up two portable potties for the homeless.  He had signs stating that if clothes were put in potties, the potties would be removed.  The potties are gone and the eight-foot fence has been installed to surround the property.

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