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Preliminary Design for Venice Median Revealed


Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing (VCH), presented a “preliminary vision for the Venice Median Parking lot—that area between North and South Venice Blvd and between Pacific and Dell—Thursday at Beyond Baroque.

Dennison gave the presentation to a standing-room-only audience (approximately 100) at the small theater. The slide presentation, which is duplicated here, was designed to show the audience what has happened so far, the design that architect Eric Owen Moss Architects has proposed, and what is forthcoming with the project.

The design is a conceptual view of what VCH proposes based on what the community wants, as well as to provide affordable housing, and as well as the requirement to incorporate the existing 188 parking spaces on the property. The existing, required parking space numbers have changed from 177 to 188.

Moss has split the property into two sections– buildings and spaces– and refers to them as east and west of the canals. The ground floors for both east and west buildings will consist of parking. In addition the ground floor for the west will have commercial space and the east will have arts. The canal areas on one or both sides will have community art, as well as provide for public open space. After that the core of both buildings will be parking and the exterior will be affordable/psh housing, followed by a rooftop green space.

Dennison said she would announce next week the upcoming community engagement opportunities, send answers to new questions received, and include an estimated timeline for finalizing the proposal and design for the site.

Dennison asks that any comments or questions be sent to venicedellpacific@vchcorp.org and she says “please feel free to invite us to existing community meetings to make the presentation in person and/or gather comments and feedback.”







Comments (7)

  1. Jack Herman

    So the housing for the homeless is going to be closer to the beach than the housing for the rich people. Sounds fair. LOL.

    • reta

      Great article. Thanks.

    • Billy Zanatakos

      30-year-old article.What is the point? Venice is and always will be home for the homeless. The gentrifiers should have read the article before they moved to Venice. The only difference in 30 years, we just gained more gentrifiers.

  2. Anonymous

    Linda Lux must be doing her “happy dance” bringing million$ WHAT A JOKE to VCH – How nice – Yes, we all need some of that free government cheese… Waste of money. Will do little to provide enough housing. Will add traffic, noise and parking congestion. Just what Venice needs more of. Looks like VHC plans to become a commercial landlord as well – Fill them coffers. WHAT A JOKE. How will this help the people living on the street? Got any plans for that?

  3. Anonymous

    And this is going to put a dent in the camping population? I DON’T THINK SO. D-lusional!

  4. Billy Zanatakos

    Looks good so far. Get it done quick people need to be housed.

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