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Forum Questions Were Well Done; Otherwise, It was a Bonin Rally


CD11 City Council seat forum moved briskly along Monday night at Windward school with incumbent Mike Bonin and candidate Robin Rudisill standing before the audience.  Candidate Mark Ryavec, who had an engagement conflict, was projected over the screen with answers to the ten given questions.  After the ten questions, the audience’s questions were answered by Rudisill and Bonin.

The forum was sponsored by the Westside Regional Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (WRAC), which is a cooperative regional council made up of Neighborhood and Community Councils on the Westside of Los Angeles. The forum was moderated by Doug Fitzimmons, chair of WRAC.  The forum was also streamed via facebook.com/WRACforLA/.  One thing that Fitzimmons did immediately was ask people not to applaud so that the program could move along in a timely manner.

Forum or Bonin Rally?
“It was apparent upon entering the school grounds that it was a “Bonin Crowd,” said Reta Moser, who was there to cover the story for the Venice Update.   “People were yelling and flashing Bonin signs.  Before entering the building, I was told I had to register in a booth to the left.  I told the nice young man that ‘no I didn’t have to register, that I was neutral, and that I was there to cover the story.’  Then, having said all that, I asked him ‘why I would have to register.’   He finally said I didn’t have to.  Then I moved thru the signs and entered the building foyer with Bonin signs on both sides.   Got passed that gauntlet to find people lined up with Bonin signs next to bleachers.  I made it passed all of the Bonin crowd to ask people in the bleachers if areas in bleachers were cordoned off for a particular candidate.  I was told no.

Brave Candidates/Rude Hosts
“My thoughts were: How brave these candidates were.  Why would anyone in his right mind submit himself to the ridicule of being a candidate?  Where is the debate/forum impartiality? Aren’t debate/forums suppose to be impartial?  They always have been. Is this a Bonin rally or is it a debate/forum? If this was suppose to be an impartial debate/forum, how rude the hosts were to the opposing candidates, to the audience supporting others. Questions were great; otherwise what a charade.

“Is this a fond farewell to the impartial, democratic process of informing a public with a debate/forum?”

The following are the candidates two-minute summaries.

Incumbent Mike Bonin

Candidate Robin Rudisill

Candidate Mark Ryavec

Comments (8)

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  2. Nick Antonicello

    I agree with Councilman Bonin in this regard: all politics is local and that’s why Venice needs to seriously consider secession and cityhood because being part of LA’s 4 million person bureaucracy is not working for Venice. #Vexit.

  3. Anonymous

    We should make Mike wear a racing suit with sponsor logos like in NASCAR events….

  4. Nick Antonicello

    The Bonin campaign is an embarrassment to democracy. The host is a shill for the Bonin campaign and the forum was a mockery to an unbiased and objective review of the hopefuls. Bonin is a true Machiavellian who loves a lopsided and stacked deck. He didn’t want any real debates with a legitimate and credible moderator, so he had this side show. Give credit to Robin for more than holding her own against this overrated windbag. Any candidate who is accepting public financing should be obligated to take part in a televised debate with objective sponsors.
    Once again the CD11 council race is a joke with terribly underfunded candidates trying to compete with a condescending and obnoxious incumbent who feels entitled.

    • Jack Herman

      You can complain all you want Nick but Mark Ryavec appearing by video didn’t do himself any good. He looks like Big Brother from Orwell’s “1984″ in it.

    • Jean Lopez Herandez John

      Will Hawkins is permanently on Yovenice Topics year round

    • Anonymous

      Bonin will lose. He’s pissed off so many folks in Brentwood and even Westchester with his underhanded politics. Bonin is NOT about improving the neighborhoods he represents, he’s about currying favor with Garretti so Bonin can run for Mayor when Garretti runs for governor. The key to their plan is to move skid row to Venice so they can develop the arts district and downtown. It’s as dirty as the politics of Chinatown and William Mullholland.

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